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[E2] R564_G_12.01.48P ROKR Ultimate

Started by Exploited, July 11, 2007, 08:50:49 AM

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I just want to say that i give 100% support for Ilove3d! He is the best!
Best regards,
Jeffri H.


Me Too. I give my 100% support for ILove3D.He loves open source.And we all here love open source too.That's why this forum build for.


very very agree with you all . Lets make our E2 better.


Waiting a new Firmware from ilove3d..  ;)


I'm with iLove 3d+ Russians if they will be co-operated as I love all firmwares by iLove3d and also new features from Russians


just flashed my E2 with ROKR Ultimate. cool  ;D
go go ilove3d  ;)


ilove3d is the best, i seldom find person like him, he's so smart and always give his source code and teach us
i'm waiting for your great firmwares, Sir!


i liked so much rokr ultimate  its a great f/w
keep going iloved3d


hey i flash my e2 with this firmware but i did not see the icon of settings can anybody tell me whats wrong with it




can anyone help me to modify my R564_G_12.01.48P ROKR Ultimate.

I cant save any message to phone memory and even creating a phone account on phone directory under phone memory not on SIM card.

everything is working fine, i even have a 472kb memory available on the phone under Ezxlocal.

i hope to hear a reply soon.

Thanks in advance..