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SHX CODEX-indonesia

Started by kanX, January 28, 2008, 05:57:39 pm

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Bwt temen2 moto indonesia tlgin ak donk! Knp tiap mau njalanin shx codex yg ak dload dr e398mod.com selalu keluar alert midas.dll error.knp ya? Ak dload lg tetap sama aj.pliz tlgin donk.


This is international forum Bro. So, please write in english. :D

Use this method to solve your problem.
1. Copy midas.dll file to windows/system32 folder on your PC.
2. Click Start > Run..
3. Write regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\midas.dll, then click OK

I attach the midas.dll file for you  :)
If you still have a problem, please PM me. I`ll explain it to you in Indonesian. :)


I just copy the midas.dll and run the program, it works fine.


Just happened to me this morning, couldn't access SHX Codec. Then I did are_goenk's method, and it works fine. Thanx, really useful information.




Hey, please use english baby...  :P
are_goenk are right, that method is perfectly works...  ;D

are_goenk....  :-*...... ;D just kidding are_goenk.... ;)


thanks a lot are_goenk,,

u're right,,

although we're indonesian,,
we should use english in this forum,,  8)

my english is kinda poor too,,  :P