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Dead Motorola L6

Started by analyzer64, January 07, 2008, 01:35:49 AM

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So, i still can't repair it. Everething works good, i mean bl is workin', in rsd the phone is recognized as s flash neptune lte, than i choose a new soft, flash operation complete good. In rsd i see: please manually power up the phone". After this, the phone is still dead. Maybe i must flash new bl? If yes, please send me link to BL (i have 08.D0).


i supposed www.e398mod.com have a lot of bootloader collections


I've never seen such things....LOL

Also Bootloader must not be changed.

Dont try anything with bootloader as it can cause ya a fone...;)

I say its in blank neptune mode......what happens when you manualy go to Bl mode then connect with rsd lite and then flash MP...???

Also, try flash and backup 's latest version for flashing...may be it can help you....:)


So, i still can't repair that phone. I tried to flash it with Monster Pack Mixture and now i have that:

Technology: N / A
Software Version: R3511_G_0A.52.26R_B (before 52.2BR_A)
Flex Version: SE4660AXXQ609B
Bootloader Version: v0x0008D0
DRM Version: N / A
Phone Type: Production (BF1708C0192107262DC500000000)

I flash it by RadioComm and now in BL mode i have an error: Phone Code Sig Error 39:02, then i flash it with the same MP by F&B 3 and then the error disappeared but the phone still is dead. After this the bl mode works normally.

I don't know which soft to flash...


Try to connect fone with shxcodec and see if computer sees fone weather as blank neptune or flash neptune....if flash neptune then try any stock MP and blank then must do pds repair...;)