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Started by helgansven, November 19, 2007, 04:06:24 AM

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This looks like an awesome package, but can it be used with a v360?

There is no option for the V360, bu tis there a way to add it to the list?


I found this at another site.  Thanks go to etu_pk for writing it.  Worked great!

To add V360 to the list, follow the steps bellow:
(1) Connect your V360 to PC.
(2) Open "Skins Manager" application. If you didn't have any, just download it from: "http://www.modmymoto.com/forums/downloads.php?do= file&id=3531" and install it on your PC.
(3) Save the "Moto" skin to PC.
(4) Go to folder where you saved that skin. Rename that folder to "V360", then move it to "Skinner4Moto\s4mSkins" folder.
(5) So you will see 3 folders on there now (E1ROKR, RAZRV3 and V360). Explore the "RAZRV3" folder, select "skin.csv" and "symbols.gif" files and copy them to "V360" folder.
(6) Explore the "V360" folder. Double-click the "skin.csv" file for editing. You just need to replace "RAZRV3" with "V360" and then save it.
(7) All done.


very useful info...
karma added



  :)How about L7.. It is same too .... :o I'm a new member in here..


i think you must download the modul first to have L7 option.
but please forgive me i forgot the link


 :)Ooo.. Its ok.. Tanx a lot.. :-\


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