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Berlin Sans Font for Regular Phones by Fenix X

Started by Fenix X, September 13, 2009, 03:43:35 AM

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Fenix X

September 13, 2009, 03:43:35 AM Last Edit: September 13, 2009, 12:25:15 PM by NiKSY
Hi i don'tknow if this is the correct place :) cz this is not a lp
Please a ny moderator can move it to correct session :D
Hey guys =P have a great time that i use this font in my designs
then i tried to adapt this to our's phones and looks the result:

The Attached file have the .mff used by MotoLangEditor..
All you need to do is open your langpack...select "Font" on the top menu..then Load>open the attached file>save your lang pack>compile the shx and done!!!  enjoy it


Fenix X

hahaha I'm still working on it ;)
wait the release ^^

oh what drm you liked???
i can share the icons with you ;)


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Fenix X

kkk wait ...
bro when i get free time i'll attach all drms ;)


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Request font support Rusia,arabic and chinese symbol.
"E398 R373_0'NIECH_79R"+ Msd 2Gb + Ep1 & Ep2
"E398 R373_0'NIECH_49R" + Msd 2Gb + Ep1 & Ep2
"E398 R373_0'NIECH_44R"Ep1+Ep2 + Msd 2Gb 



hi, i'm newbie...

i love this cool font
can you give me step by step tutorial how to add this font to my e398 phone?



  • Open MLE
  • File > Open langpack file
  • Select No.01 (General font)
  • Font > Load font
  • Select berlin.mff file
  • File > Save langpack
  • Enjoy :D
Z.d.u.n.e.X's Stuff: Personal Site | My skins