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Maneesh's XClear

Started by maneesh_sh, August 28, 2007, 11:07:46 am

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August 28, 2007, 11:07:46 am Last Edit: August 28, 2007, 11:31:14 am by maneesh_sh
                                >>>>> Maneesh's XClear <<<<<

$ Phone Information $
S/W Version   : R373_G_0E.30.46R
Release number   : XClear Version 1.00
Flex Version   : XClear Flex
DSP           : 6242A200
Lang Font   : Handel Gothic
DRM           : XClear Dark
Technology   : 900 - 1800/1900

$ Features $

- Auto Lock Key pad
- No Low Battery Sound
- Upgraded Zooming On Images
- Extended Display Timeout
- ** For Flashlight
- All Seems Unlocked
- New symbols
- Send SMS on Phonebook
- For mms 1000kb
- Supports All Types Of Java
- Supports Multi Corelet
- Support For Corelet On Trans-Flash
- Optimized Speed On Java
- Name & Time In The List of Alarm
- Files Over BT Enabled
- Access All Folders Throgh OBEX
- Optimized Speed On speed for copy/paste/cut.
- Improved FPS for Video Recording
- !Very Great Battery Life!
- And Other++++++++++++++++

$ 4 impressive skins $


$ iTunes $
- Yuetmod iTunes
- Ultra Fast Loading
- iTunesDB Creator.
- MediaViewer 2.1.4 with a WMP skin.
- Hide iTunes pressing *
- Enter iShell By Pressing #

$ Sound, Pictures and Video $
- 20 wallpapers

- Some Top ringtones

$ Apps $
- Only File Manager [Use MediaViewer to access phone file system.
- Synergytools 46R
- Dictaphone
- Opera Mini

$ Sound Quality $

   Max sound quality For 46R [Switch Param & Corrosponding Gain Tables]

$ Funlights $
- New funlights......

Thanks to

   Motomodding Communities
      - Xitiz [Ultimos]
      - nuru_theone [Pristine]
      - Maneesh [iPhone & Got Milk]


"Flash This MP with Flash backup" [Which is included]

$ NOTES! $

    - Do not Rip/Redistribute the contents of "Maneesh's XClear" MP without My Permission...   

DOWNLOAD :http://www.esnips.com/doc/89e8e87c-f01a-467a-b5f2-fe79f1f15ba6/Maneeshs-XClear

Backup ur phone with Flashbackup First


Here u are Maneesh.. welcom to motohell.. First post with New MP.  ;D
Downloading and Testing to My E398


wow is so great ....
thanks for share maneesh_sh  :D :D :D


welcome to Motohell maneesh.. :)
The MP is neat and clean.. Thanx for your efforts..

And BTW, "Onasamsakal" ;D


Thanks, My onam ashamsakal tooo... How r u all


welcome to Motohell
New MP at 1st Post

Thx for sharing




I 'd be glad if anyone could make it available for Rokr E1 too....

Apply this TFpatch atteched with this post to remove unnecessary folders from ur TF


give me another link please, so I can mirror it... I cannot download from Esnips.

Please PM me when it is ready



I think the mp is very good but i wonder if it's better than the symphony 46r monster pack?
I really like the idea of "Multi Corelet Support", "Corelet On Trans-Flash Support" and especialy "Very Great Battery Life".
But before i'll test the mp i would like the opinion of someone that has already tested it.
So if you've tested the mp please tell us what do you think about it?



does this mp have multiple font?



Does someone has a feedback regarding Maneesh's MP?