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help me......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Started by adit17, August 09, 2007, 04:40:00 PM

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hello everyone.....

i'm a newbie here...and i live in surabaya and sometime bekasi, indonesia

i have a problem with my e398,it's dead now and won't connected to my pc. it said that my usb device may malfunctioned or damaged

i wrote at this forum that e398 never die..!!but why i can't make my phone live again????

please....help me...???

sorry if my english bad


Try to force BootLoader it will help


first of all welcome to motohell bro
yes do as EOG said..but if you cant do it by yourself i will be happy to help you since i live in bekasi too..please give me a call @ 99192251 and i will assist you


its too easy when someone give the hand for help.. im glad if u coming to malaysia(motomaniacs) LOL ;D


yeah just give me airasia ticket (Low cost carrier)  :P