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[e2] [004D] Hong Kong (cantonese) lang. pack

Started by burnduck, August 09, 2007, 01:56:27 am

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August 09, 2007, 01:56:27 am Last Edit: August 13, 2007, 01:48:30 pm by burnduck
This language pack has
-Traditional Chinese
-Simplified Chinese
and Cantonese / English as the talking phone's native language. (Which reads out message, contacts, etc)

*It is extracted from official product of E2 for Hong Kong
Users from Hong Kong and China will be able to tell the differences.  :D

Here: ftp://[email]bdhosting@bdweb.no-ip.com[/email]/cg41.smg


good one! Do you know the langpack number? Can I mirror it on E2mod.com?


Sure! Please mirror it on e2mod.  ;)
But I'm not sure of how I can get it's langpack number.
Can anyone please help?  :D


this is LP 004D  ;)
hongkong string: zh-hk


how do i flash this langpack? its cg41.smg


When you start to flash a firmware with RSD Lite - it will first start to unpack files and then to flash them. The unpacked files will be cg**.smg. Right after the RSD Lite starts to flash - you must copy this modified file and replace the original (which was unpacked)


Additional information for those who still have no idea:
Right after you've initiated the flashing process, the AP file would be unpacked to many many ___CG**.smg files.

Copy the name of the file ____CG41.smg, and rename my piece of cg41.smg with it.

Move the renamed file, into the folder with those unpacked files and simply REPLACE it.

*Try to do it quick.


hey what folder exactly can i find the extracted files??? i'm using rsdlite 4.1 and flashed Titanium, but i didnt see it extracting or doing anything at all!

Joka X

You can find the extracted file on the same folder you put the firmware(.sbf).