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Started by bigwood1, August 05, 2007, 04:31:47 AM

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I recieved a E1 that will turn on but will not work with the keypad.
Cleaned and tested keypad on another good E1 and it is ok.Tried to get in bootloader mode
and would not go(*#,on).Jumppins 4,5 and went to bootloader mode,got SW version etc. I am new to modding and really right now just want to know what to do to get this phone funtionable. I have 3 of the E1's and want to learn about modding 1 since I have a
spare,but first want to get this one going. Can someone tell me where to go from this point? I have usb cable and need to know what programs to download or what else to start at.
Th anks in advance, Bigwood1 ???  ;D


Try leaving the battery for some 10 or more hours..


Have already done that for several days. What I want to know is now that I know
I can jump it into bootloader mode is there a way to flash to reset the phone to regain use? It seems like it is just frozen or locked up. It recognizes my SIM card,updates to the
network for date and time.This makes me think it may be stuck I guess.I know I need to make a backup,Do you think after this I can reflash and it may help?Just throwing ?'s out
there now.
Thanks, Bigwood1


Get FlashBackup or RSD Lite, connect your phone with the datacable (while it's in bootloader) and select an SHX (flash file). Then just click the "Flash" button - that's it

Usually it's a good idea to create a full and PDS backups by the way :)


 ;) Thanks, will try this and check back in a couple of days.  ;D


 ??? Do I need to create the full and pds backup before the SHX file flash for the frozen problem or after? Just want to be sure before I get started. ;D
Thanks  Bigwood1


always make backup before flashing phone


the reason for doing backup is that if the flash fails or it's wrong, then you can restore your phone. So make backup before starting any mods and keep that backup in the safe of your bank LOL :)


 ;) Thats what I thought.  I just wanted to make sure. Once I get this up working I will have some more questions as to what a  Monster Pack and other things do? I'm still in the dark an some of the
things I can do with this E1.
Thanks, Bigwood1 ;D