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Novice Ask : Patch the Lock-Unlock Keypad to ROKR

Started by budihanggie, July 29, 2007, 06:12:23 PM

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Guys can you help me, i just bought my E398 Last five day ago and upgrade to ROKR, so i 'm very very new to operate application on my phone. what i'm ask is can you guys show me the step by step  to patch lock-unlock keypad to my ROKR? oh yeah, i have flashbackup 3.0.5 and Keypadlock_PatchMaker_All. Thank a million for your help guys... ;)


switch ur phone into bootloader mode.. plug in ur data cable>run Flashbackup, choose the Patch tab.. browse ur patch..
make sure u disable RSA first.. then patched.. when its done, just remove ur data cable and turn on ur phone.. done ;D




orhh some one told me that must disable RSA first then patch


make sure you make patch same like the firmware version...
Example: if yoyr Firmware is 49R then You should make patch for 49R