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Dead 398?

Started by EOG, July 28, 2007, 11:54:56 PM

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SO I've got very serious problem today one of my 398(hopefully I've got two of them) has broken(I think) When I looked at it at morning it was in strange mode I rebooted it and after 30 sec is was in the same state. The problem is that after 30 sec the screean turnes blnak(wlole screean is white)

Here(DivX hosted on ovh.org very fast size:1.42MB) you can see a movie how it looks(from turning off to blank 30sec; screen turns black twice 'cause backlight is set to 10sec ):

But what is more I've discovered that when I turn on BootLoader just after blank screean it turn upside down and than being mirrored. And what is more when I wait a while(turned off mobile) and turn it on in BL mode it is shown that 'Battery is Low' but i know it is fully charged on my 2nd 398

Movie of broken BootlLader(DivX ovh.org) 997KB - contains writen comments cause it was recorded by my working 398

Plz help I need my beloved 398 ;D Is it dead and need to be carried to healing hands of Motorola Service or is just a simple thing that I can fix myself(I am not afraid of torrtreing broken moblle)

I tried to flash it onece again and do other things(erase whole memory in RamLDR) but it didn't help.
I did it 'cause as som of you may know I've got modded USB cable so when I connect it to mobile on BL mode it's 'OK to Program'


i have had the same problem once..but i was just flashing it n up till now it's still okay.
i think u could fix it by yourself since the MSC is very expensive (at my country..).as long as ur e398 still recognized by ur computer,it's still fixable.remember,e398 never die...hehehe...
sorry i'm still newbie at this...


Flash it dude - it always helps


just forceboot.. i may working with our phone..