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i didnt know how to bring my e398 alive again plz help me

Started by odyslumber!, July 29, 2007, 07:50:29 AM

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who can sent me a e398 PDS coz i didnt make a backup for my e398...
if someone there can help me e mail me l.....ody_slumber@***.com <email Edited>
i really need you all help


First Of all welcome to Motohell
second you broke the FIRST RULES of Modding ALWAYS DO FULLBACKUP
then to solve your problem try create a new PDS using Motorola Repair Studio then Flash with R373_42R_For_ALL then flash Any Monsterpack You want

You cant use other PDS to flash to your Phone

Correct Me If Im Wrong ;)


yup,you cant restore someone else's PDS to your phone..


can i copy the other e398 backup for my backup?? hurmm so i not worry for my backup haa?

like motomaniac says.. just flash to 42R_for_all and ur e398 was make awesome hahaha..


nope you can not restore other E398 Fullbackup Unless You have your own PDS
Correct Me If I'm Wrong Again


42R_for_all Fullflash will generate new PDS for you, after you flash with 42R_for_all, better you edit your PDS with PDS editor to write factory tracing and BT address, release the battery, you will see factory tracing and BT address at there.


Backup always come before u press button [Flash/Write/Start ... any thing related] to start modding  8)