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Addressbook(contacts) and search troublles + source code....

Started by vladimirshr, August 28, 2011, 12:45:05 AM

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Hello. Basically ask guru, pros and programmer on E8:
I need to edit source code search
address book.
Where can I do?
Getting to the source code?
I would like to search was valid as a nokia.
ie Search by entering a string in the fields name and last name + normal
search by phone number.

Given: Name: Vladimir Last Name: Vlasov.
The search will be triggered when entering "imi" or "di" or "ov" or even just a single letter, regardless of location in the fields of the database address book.
Point me in the right direction where to dig.
Thank you!

I want to go deeper and understand what was happening in the sources of the search in the address book.

My question is fundamentally important!!