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Started by tankian, August 07, 2011, 04:19:56 AM

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Bootloader: 08.D0 only.
its from motofunvn.com

DRM: The Real MP KuMam + drm changer of the skins.
The integration of Rene v2.0 and The Fame.
Fix the bugs in v2.0 and adds new features from the MP's nhieutinh Rene.
preview ago, will link up after finishing the last things.

+ Fix in elfrunner
+ Motocmd 2.0 (by Rene)
+ start menu
+ edit langpack Add more fonts to choose from: 2 Vietnamese font and font english 5.
+ drm changer integrated in the skin folder
+ 5 skins to choose from.
+ I lrcplayer solution instead of tunes for the content motocmd 2.0 is only one of them 2 the only dc. You want to use the set tunes and dropping tunes auto.run lrcplayer or motocmd if not phone not boot DC => flash the CG2.
+ I do not set auto.run activedest, you do like it, run it into the elf.
+ Start menu run by SmartKey or unintentionally Tool => start menu.
+ File manager in the WebAccess => file manager...

+ Backup phone before the flash.
+ Copy folder "FBR" memory card (b /) and absolutely not rename this folder as the folder inside this folder.
+ Copy the skin folder b / mobile
+ There are backup folder from the elf elf drive a: / and drive c: /, if there are problems of elf up the phone.
+ When run elf elfloader strange if not the phone can restart and lose elfrunner.cfg file in drive a: /, then back up this file and restart phone.
+ Ko recommended to any folder on your memory card called elf.
+ Unlock keypad: Menu + Greenkey, lock keypad: Menu + Redkey.
+ Unlock code: 0702, security code: 070288
+ KuMam: drm
+ Tuanham: drm under skin
+ Rene: Most, the great elf.

download area


heapsize 1400kb  in attacment


So, this mp is to moto L7
you can upload all patchs that contains this files
please ,,

is awesome thanks for share!!

I Love my E1@E398...xD xD