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One V3i BL 0A.52 & one "dead" D&G

Started by cucumbernorway, July 23, 2011, 04:04:42 PM

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Phone #1
V3i BL 0A.52
SW R4441D_G_08.02.03R
Last working SW R4441D_G_08.02.05R
Status: PH SIG ERR 39:02

Ok i have done "Recover Motorola V3i from SIG ERR: 35:02:/39:02" and had the latest SW installed (05R) so i can't do that guide again.
I got this after flashing "Nano_Razzr 1.3" with MotoRocker, now i know that i first have to have BL 0A.30 for this to work.
BUT my phone is a bit unusual, if you closely look at this photo (my phone is #3) so i don't know how to do tp or at least flash a working FW.
Maybe you guys know?

Phone #2
D&G V3i BL 0A.30
SW ????
Last working SW Nano_Razzr 1.3
Status: Recognised as "S Flash Neptune LTE2".
          * # and red button/connecting battery doesn't show anything.
          Display has been tested and working.

This one is exactly like this photo so TP works.
But no matter which guide i follow i can't seem to get it working.
I can get it in "S Blank" with "patch_boot_0A30_V3i.smg" and ramldr2 or normal TP.
I can write boot with ramldr, but can't flash SW at all.

If you put your mouse over some of the text in my post you will see links to guides & pictures for reference.

Help a beginning modder out  :D


i'm so glad to help you for repaiing you dead v3i.. try my metodh, its give you some help...
download this...

http://www.4shared.com/file/ND5H2PGw/EASY_DOWNGRADETEST_POINT_AND_R.html  ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)