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Got a Rokr

Started by MarkoP, April 29, 2011, 01:08:45 AM

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I jus got one Rokr.. It was standing for a very long time and the guy who sold it to me says that phone was working but restarting all the time.. Curently I'm charging the battery with universal charger, I guess it's drain 100 % because it wont charge on regular charger.. Now, the question is, can I flash 42R_for_all on Rokr? I'm very rusty in motomodding, it's been a long time since my e398 died..


you can directly flash with MP's that suite you.
just make sure it is SAME BOOTLOADER. 0A.O2 or 07.DO Check it first !!
Don't forget always MAKE FULL BACKUP BEFORE ANY FLASH JOB, so that you can go back if something goes wrong


Yea, yea, I know that. I'm just very rusty in modding so I just want to chek. Hmm, I manage to flash it but it gives blank screen all the time. I tought fw was messed up, but it's stil blank after flashing. Could it be hardware problem? I have a spare screen so I can easily replace it.

Sry if my english is bad.