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How to make ur own wallpaper? check this tutorial

Started by error398, September 17, 2007, 07:02:54 AM

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firstly u must know which resolution that ur phone use. for ex: 128x128, 176x220 or 240x320

if u want to make a wallpaper u must have:

- wallpaper collection
- adobe photoshop 7.0 or above

ok let start now..

1. Run Adobe photoshop

2. Go to File>Open>wallpaper or picture

3. At the right panel, you can see Crop tools. click it

4. At the top of the panel, you will see width blank box and Height blank box

5. Fill the number of resolution at the blank box. for Ex: Width 176 Height 220

6. ok,then Drag ur point to the picture which ur like.. also u can move the picture using the cursor

7. after that u must proceeding crop picture at the right corner on top.

8. u are almost done, go to Image>Image size.. u must confirm again that the resolution is correct.

9. Now u can save ur wallpaper.. Go to File>Save as.. (choose directory).. save as .jpg

10. Done! u have own ur wallpaper.. share with us what u have done. :D ;)

Credit : Raunamaxtor


Good one Raunamaxtor ;)
THIS software too is a good one  for making wallpapers..


Very nice Raunamaxtor is a good tutorial i going to star with my collection :) Thanks!!!


Dont forget to share with us when u've already make a wallpaper


thanks for the information.. photoshop really helps.


I can not see only step 2 the rest are working.
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Easy tips for implementation.Adobe photoshop  is really a great software for images alterations.
I've made some wallpapers according to your instructions.How can I upload them?