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Hi all, I'm new here too,,, sorry 4 ma late intro :)

Started by Hendz, September 18, 2010, 02:58:46 PM

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Yea I'm new. Just got here by yesterday. But I brought you an E6 Monster :D so checkit out,,,,,
Well I'm Indonesian, used to live in Jakarta but then ma bozz wanted me to take a place the East coz some jobz to do, so, I'm on a city named Malang since of coupL years back :)

For this Moto, ma weapons are of two kinds: One ROKR E6e and one Milestone.
But I lov 'em both. I proud it of. Just a GGGGREAT phones I've ever had :)
The others are Siemens, which were remarkable machines too and pioneerz of colors, GPS, MP3 etc. No won't know it by the way :D

Well these are some Moto places I oftenly dropped by before:
- Motorolafans.com
- Motofunvn.com
- Motofan.RU

They're all nice, people are nice, but..... THIS place......... is GREAT either :) :) :)


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