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[HOWTO] Switch keyboard layout (azerty/qwerty etc..) by dext3r

Started by ZduneX25, August 19, 2010, 11:03:06 am

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If you are using any custom rom, and it does not match your current hardware keyboard, please find the original rom , and extract the file "/system/etc/motorola/12m/key_code_map.txt" from your original firmware, this file maps the keys to your original keyboard layout.

copy the "key_code_map.txt" to the new firmware into the exact same location, and you're good to go with a correct hardware keyboard layout.

Maybe some nice people will attach the keyboard layouts of non-qwerty layouts to this thread, so you dont have to dig up the old roms.
as example i have attached the QWERTY layout text file here.
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