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Author Topic: [MP ZN5] Symbiosis X Final  (Read 14436 times)
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« on: July 28, 2010, 02:42:48 pm »

Creditos: Ideni

Symbiosis X Final by DeN

Ant-ON- for zTaskMan, PEM, copy/past, patch for additional icons in File Manager and Java, zCpuOverclock.
V!T - for his new skins!
Neomoto - For PhotoPrefis, Crono(Stop watch), Player++ his native programms in SysConfig.
Kidscracker - for mgxbox and zHsa.
TiM_22R - for his developments in the field of SVG-graphics.
OCM770 - for Linux kernel, QVGA libraries and consultations!
sim_emrom - for translation description and scripts in english
Hairo - for Spanish translation.
Zorge.R, iLove3d, Rejoice, JAYDD,?Huh? for their developments for Zine!
Main Features

- CG36 and CG52 on CramFS
- Copy/Past
- MultiJava from menu
- Camera with very good photo quality(10i libs) and QWGA video
- "Intellectual" CPU overclocking.
- SWAP (from file or partition)
- Mgxbox, MpkgBox, PEManager, zTaskMan.
- Removed message "Please wait" on entering menu after using browser or camera.
- All translated to English , 95% translated to Spanish and Russian.

- Kernel support for Ext2/ext3/ntfs/swap file systems
- Langpack, including English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Turkish, Italian, Portugal, Finnish, Czech, German. English voice commands are available.
- Toolbar on Gallery button with 5 preinstalled applications
- FTP, Telnet, Samba, Web Server – activating with "Service"
- MgxBox 1.2 custom 1
- PEManager
- Mpkgbox
- Run from FM: .sh .lin .csh, .cfg, .rar, .zip, .7z, log, cfg, .tar.gz, .tar.bz2, img. binary files (just change extension to one of these: bin, elf, run, exe)
- MyStuff in FM for accessing hidden parts and Second partition on mmc card via phone
- Scripts autorun (/mmc/mmca1/autorun/S??*
- MediaFinder doesn't scan phone memory for mediafiles
- Removed standard "Reset" functions - there are still menu entries, but they won't work anymore.
- 12 entries in Main menu wihtout soft button.
- EasyThemes You can install skins into following directories:
- /ezxlocal/download/mystuff/skins/ (standard)
- mmc/mmca1/skins
- mmc/mmcb1/skins (if you have second partition on SD)
- Built-in themes: Kodak, EnzoStyle, SeVen, Sunset (default).
- Modified iconres.ezx with size of 3mb instead of 20 and with icons for HSA(thanks for Art-21).
- Switching displaying date on home screen from menu (Settings /Home screen/Date)
Additional features
User has rights on write for following files:
Content of /ezxlocal/Other
- Menu
- SysRegistry
- MediaFinder_Config.cfg (for configure future of mediafinder)
- Fonts ( Put your font in folder /fonts with name myfont.ttf )
- Animation of switching phone on/off
- System sound (battery discharged, connecting to PC)
- All sound files from ui_sounds

- All monster's apps now located in rw-memory (you can add new, change, etc. - by ftp, mgx. pep-packs - patches) And you can make patches for your lang 
Scripts are in Tweaks menu

- Tweak System – combines inside settings for CPU overclock, swap-file and network services.
- SysConfig- includes monster’s settings, such as hot key controller, menu changer and other custom preferences.
- Java Tool
- Multi Camera - Allows to change camera libraries Photo<->Video.
- Swap – makes swap file and manages swap settings.
- nClock – screensaver with clock.
- Media – gives an ability not to mount phone memory for “Memory Card” connection mode. There are also some useful functions in this script.
- Backup. Make/Restore reserved copy of: contacts, messages, Net Profiles, UserMenuTree and some user settings.
Package managers
PEM + MgxBox + MpkgBox - now all 3 utility in one system!
1) PEM & MgxBox can register installed applications in one directory – Applications. So, PEM can run what was installed using Mgxbox as well!
2) Because of some problems with installing some apps via Mgxbox I decided to add Mpkgbox.
Mpkgbox & Mgxbox now use common directory(/mgxbox) for applications (both for phone memory and SD). Install application with any utility and see them with both!
- For install mgx package via Mpkgbox put your pack. to /mmc/mmca1/distribmgx (sd - folder "distribmgx")
- Opera mini 5 (Rus)
- DiChat (ICQ) (Rus)
- Gmail Huh?Huh?
- Read Mania?
- Text Editor
- DocViewer
- Sudoku
- Chess Master
- Tower Wars
New Features
Basic innovations:
1) Finally complete multicamera – now in one firmware were mixed best photo quality with good focus and white balance and ability to shoot video in QVGA-mode.
2) Firmware is based on CramFS - so speed increased well.

Other changes:
- Modifications were made to speed up standard applications, as File Manager, Mediaplayer and Main Menu.
- Added program Tweak System – combines inside settings for CPU overclock, swap-file and network services.
- Added native program for oveclocking, zCpu by Ant-On. Speeds up CPU while display illumination is active and lets it work as usual while not.
- Added program SysConfig, includes monster’s settings, such as hot key controller, menu changer and other custom preferences.
- In Functions menu (left soft button) modified IM entry, now you can set program, which will run by thisentry.
- Increased functionality of function set utilities (for green and gallery buttons and IM entry): now you can set installed java-apps and there is also bigger list of native programs
"Default" will return standard buttons' functionality. Thanks Neomoto for realization. You can find it in SysConfig.
- You can select mediaplayer with minimization on red button, instead of exit(see also in SysConfig)
- Updated Pop-up for audiofiles starter (playing without mediaplayer), now you can stop playing by volume change buttons.
- Added ability to change background in menu: change image file extension to .img and run it from FM.
- Added Sunset skin – created and designed by V!T, I was an editor.
- Updated all system graphics, added sounds for calls and sms, default font also changed.
- Stop-watch (Chronometer) changed on new version by Neomoto
- Fixed old bug – Call recording on green button now works!
- Fixed some small bugs in scripts
- All new scripts translte on Spanish and English

Download Links

Version para boot 062A:
WebFile -

Version para boot 062DP (t-mobile):
WebFile -

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