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[MILESTONE] Backup & Restore Motorola

Started by ZduneX25, July 02, 2010, 08:32:38 pm

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July 02, 2010, 08:32:38 pm Last Edit: October 12, 2010, 08:46:51 pm by ZduneX25
Since various people asked for nandroid backups i thought i would start a thread to host them.

if you want to share a backup, just link it, I'll collect all the links in this post.

If you post a backup, be sure to include only boot, bpsw, recovery and system if you don't want to have all your contacts, messages, settings etc on the web.

How to make a backup with only boot, bpsw, cust, recovery and system
    [*]copy the latest
ADBRecovery to your sd card
  • Reboot your phone into recovery and apply the update.zip
    [*]connect via ADB and execute

Code Select
nandroid-mobile.sh --backup --nodata --nocache --nomisc

[*]When it asks for a prefix, choose something usefull - i used '2.0-DACH' for mine
[*]Reboot into Android again and upload the backup you just made (by zipping the whole folder)
[*]The zip file you upload should be named like the nandroid folder ("<prefix>-BbcRS-<date>-<time>") and have the "<prefix>-BbcRS-<date>-<time>" folder at it's root
[*]When you post your backup please include your Firmware Configuration Version, the Build number and if the phone is rooted. Also, if you've done anything to your /system (adding ringtones, patching the market with "market enabler", etc, please post it. Also, if there's any other possibility, don't upload your backup on rapidshare. It's near to impossible to get a file from RS if you're not a premium member.[/list]

How to restore a backup

  • backup your data with a backup app
    [*]download the backup you want to restore and extract it's content into /sdcard/nandroid/console=ttyS2,115200n8
    [*]copy the latest ADBRecovery to your sd card
    [*]Reboot your phone into recovery
    [*]apply the update.zip
    [*]connect via ADB and execute

    Code Select
    nandroid-mobile.sh --restore

      [*]choose the backup you downloaded
      [*]Reboot after nandroid successfully restored.

    If you run into issues here (force closes etc.):
      [*]reboot into recovery again
      [*]choose to erase /data (factory reset) and confirm
      [*]reboot into android

    Posted by poseidon.
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Hi ZduneX25. I'm a new owner of Motorola Milestone XT720. Will this work for my phone? Btw, the link to ADBRecovery does not work.


Link has updated. I ain't sure. This is guide for X701. There is not many X720 owners, no one tried yet. So I can't tell you if it will work.
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Will there be an update for FB3? I would love to see FB3 work with Android based Motorola phones :)


Don't think so cos fb3 is supporting only p2k phones. And RSD is still better in my opinion, less bricked phones with RSD :P
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I have a Motorola Milestone phone, I was wondering how to take a full backup of my phone.
Does this method backs up everything ?
Also what is RSLite ? is it a backup tool ?


What rom you got on your milestone , custom or stock rom ?
If you wanna backup , just use titanium backup for market or other backuping apps for simple way ..
RsdLite is a Motorola Universal flashing tool ..
Falses, that what made u falls..


Flash Backup app may be able to backup the firmware.