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[MILESTONE] Open Recovery v1.05 [05/07/2010]

Started by ZduneX25, July 02, 2010, 08:32:12 PM

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Open Recovery
Version: 1.05
Credit for mankind (from alldroid) for the CustomUpdate, on which this recovery is based,
credit for poseidon (also from alldroid) for ADBRecovery.

- rooting the phone from menu
- nandroid backup/restore from menu
- apply update *.zip files from menu (located in OpenRecovery/updates under the sdcard root folder, there is a sample one (just unpacks a file named "babble" to /system), no signatures are needed :)
- wipe data (factory reset)
- wipe cache
- adb in recovery
- run a script

- reboot into recovery
- apply the update.zip
- you are now in open recovery

- you need to have the recovery with exploit, download the SBF from here and flash it using RSD Lite 4.6: http://www.mediafire.com/?jzzjmmrvwkz
- unpack the file into the sdcard root folder

Version 1.05
- fixed a bug in payload making it dependant on the system
- there is now nothing in the /system folder when unmounted
- toolbox linked statically
- busybox now installs symlinks, instead of copying itself
- fixed a bug in adb about the shell being in /sbin/sh instead of /system/bin/sh
- cleaned up, removed unecessary libraries and binaries
- switch.sh now initializes the Open Recovery completely, no other script is used for initialization
- permissions set correctly

- added option to wipe
- menu's now have header (the menu file structure has been changed)
- added the possibility to run scripts, with .*sh extension located in scripts folder under OpenRecovery folder (shell is /sbin/sh or /sbin/bash)

Version 1.02
- fixed root installation



The recovery contains an update.zip with payload, which doesn't do anything else than restarts to the open recovery. All the files for OpenRecovery are under the OpenRecovery folder under the root of the sdcard.

The menu for the Recovery is created dynamically, the files are under OpenRecovery/menu under the root of the sdcard. The creation of the menu file is slightly different as in the CustomUpdate by mankind:
First line is the menu name (normal string), then use the following structure:
"item name:type:argument"
- item name is what is seen in the menu
- type: type of the command (described later)
- argument: argument passed to the command (file, or anything else; if empty, put "*" there, otherwise the item will be discarded)

The payload installs busybox to /sbin runs the "switch.sh" under the bin folder in open recovery. The initial menu file is in OpenRecovery/menu/init.menu under sdcard root.

- reboot: reboots the phone
- init: calls a file specified in arguments, but doesn't create a menu item (this is used to create the submenus dynamically)
- shell: calls a file specified in arguments
- menu: opens another menu file (specified in argument)
- update: applies an update *.zip file, specified in argument (format SDCARD:$path_to_the_file_in_sdcard)
- clear_data: factory reset
- clear_cahce: wipe cache


(The module name is "open_recovery".)
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