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V551 Help - Paying

Started by Sago, April 02, 2010, 02:26:17 AM

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I'll pay $1 on PayPal who ever helps me to unlock this old phone then once I see your skilled I'll $10 to unlock iPhone 3.1.2


April 04, 2010, 06:33:14 PM #1 Last Edit: April 04, 2010, 06:37:32 PM by ZduneX25
I found this:

tutorial from motomodders
QuoteWOO HOO!!!!

Okay - I've done this on my wife's v551 and it worked perfectly! You can unlock your v551 yourself. I've read posts on this before, but wanted to clearly outline my experience and document it on the forum. Perhaps the mods can sticky this - if applicable. I don't believe this breaks any rules, but the mods will correct me if I'm wrong. The rules clearly state - no posts requesting unlocking software or services. I am not posting links, nor offering any services.

Step 1 - (this is the key) Download and flash bootloader 07d0. You are essentially downgrading your bootloader, because the newer bootloaders that come on the v551 do not allow you to properly backup your phone. Thanks to djnick - you can get the bootloader here: HERE!

Step 2 - (must do!!!) Using random's Flashbackup, (I recommend 1.87) make both a full and pds backup. This is a must - I can't stress that. If you mess things up and don't have an original pds backup - your in for a headache.

Get Flashbackup on random's motofan site. Not sure if I can post or not, so I won't.

Step 3 - Make a copy of the PDS backup to work on. Make sure you don't work on the original!!! Open the copy up in PDS Editor. Can't remember where I got this software, but you can find it by searching for pdseditor.rar. Go to the History tab and select seem 00AB - hit the Step Back button. Save the file, hit Okay when it asks for the format (default). Then using Flashbackup, Restore the PDS file to the phone.

SIM lock is now gone.

You can verify the SIM lock before and after the procedure using another carrier's SIM - or by using certain software. I used Radiocomm, but you can also verify using TTC (Triplet Tool Compilation - I think).

Thanks to djnick for the bootloader, random for the great software - and scotty2 at Motomodders for testing out the process! Oh - and anyone else I forgot. I can't take any credit for the procedure.

I'd like to give this a shot on my v635, but like it sooooo much I don't quite want to risk bricking it.

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