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Motomusic v2 46R by jhitinsk

Started by Tomploz, July 25, 2007, 09:54:03 AM

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Hello..... Jhitinsk..... Are you there.i just want to ask you about feature on motomusic by you.on your MP,if change skin not need file changer.its automatically change mma ucp.my question,how you make MP can do that.can this feathure use on another MP?sorry with my english,thanks b4


That is the multiple menu structure feature available in the latest elektro mod v0.4a4.. I'll post its details later when i get home..


Hei jhitinsk can multiple structure menu use on another MP?or it just for ellectro FW?waitting for you.


No,it will only work with MPs based on  elektro's v0.4 firmware..


Oh no....... Im really like with this menu.ok thanks jhitnsk...


hope someone someday find the patch for multi MMA_UCP


Yups motomaniac.... I hope too...