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[Update]Ucweb 7 eng

Started by phaipunk, October 10, 2009, 05:14:38 pm

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October 10, 2009, 05:14:38 pm Last Edit: November 26, 2009, 07:14:25 am by phaipunk
I just wanna share ucweb 7.0 eng..hehe..try this..

Source: mannuforall.blogspot.com





QuoteHere the UC Browser or Ucweb 7
Beta 2 English Version:
Whats New:
1. New layout to adapt to the
screen, now all the WWW site
shows closer to the PC effect. The
updating process for this may
takes about 1 to 5 minutes.
2. Launched at the Forum for the
part of the WEB model that allows
you to on the simple and
convenient forum.
Function Optimized:
1. Network connectivity optimized
to support the access point to
switch without the need to re-
initialize or check the network.
2. Completion the suffix added.
Org, enter the URL more
3. Delete the bookmark after the
cursor position optimization, delete
the bookmark after the cursor is
still positioned in the current
4. Call function operation
optimization, hang up after a
phone call directly to return to pre-
Interface (This feature is effective
for some mobile phones).
5. some Part of the UI interface
optimization, UC browser even
more beautiful.
Problem Fixed:
1. Full-screen mode, the
networking process in the right
soft key "Cancel" Show exception.
2. Days language mobile phone
network access point when the
form is set to WAP, connect WAP
site is always black and white.
3. Page have English words often
been wrapped split display.
4. Some website content and
background color of the same
result can not be viewed.
5. Delete the task of being
downloaded are not deleted when
the original file, they will continue
to download.

Download Link:
UC Browser 7 Beta 2







UC7 was already final..
free download at: http://wap.ucweb.com,,
support translator on yahoo set as search engine, mouse mode, auto forum and many other new features..
Falses, that what made u falls..


he means its not free to browse