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Need help reviving e398

Started by X24, August 16, 2009, 02:45:54 PM

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I have this e398 that stuck on boot loader screen.
I also have tried all guides I can found on reviving the phone including test point.

At first I just tried to flash the 42R_for_all full MP using PST, it said successfull flash, but it still stuck in boot loader screen and the firmware version doesn't change.
So then I flash using eyes_only_d v398 and flash again with BGRokr for e398, It also didn'work.
After this attemp failed, I tried to repair using MRS but it said repair failed.
Then I tried the RAM_DLR tutorial, but it didn't work.

My last hope was doing TP. I reflash the boot loader, restore a backed up PDS, then flash the 42R_for_all full MP.
The firmware was updated, but it still stuck in bootloader mode.

For note, When the phone stuck in BL screen, It has never been flashed before, the software is stock, the BL is 07.D0.
All things I tried to revive the phone still got me stuck in BL screen.

Anyone can help me with this?
Thanks before.



are u sure like that man?
i think it happen in 0?.02 bl that stuck in 79r.


I've just tried FB3, repair using p2k easy tool, create pds by flashing c650 repair image (using ramldr)... But still no luck.
Even if it's locked by a firmware, wouldn't test point took care of it? I' m not sure though.

But as I stated in my 1st post, never flash e1 firmware before.

My e398 still stuck in BL... T.T

Oh, I've also tried downgrading the BL without any different result.


umm, when Ur phone stuck in BL??is that when U try to flash it or it enter the BL mode itself??


I think that you didn't done TP correctly.
Try To do TP again.
Erasing IC flash using ramldr.
And flash with 42r for all.
You can get it on my reviving tool.


I fried a motherboard on one E398 trying to do a TP... Before that, I've done 2 successfully... So, watch out, it's not simple...


u don't need to TP the phone, just use ace 2 learn ramdlr repair kit... and stock MP (original r373 or r372)...  i done this many times and never failed, i just having some trial and error upon reapiring

sorry 4 the bad english =)


Sorry, I've been busy and have just been able to show up. Thank you for all the suggestion, I'll try them and post the result. Hope it works. My e398 is really a paper brick right now...


@ Argetlam : It enters BL mode by itself everytime the phone is turned on. Even if I just place the battery without powering on.


So now,open Multi Flash Flex,and flash with 42r for all.
It must be successed.


all of them are f***** phone murderers.