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Started by koplo, October 07, 2009, 09:35:01 AM

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may i ask,my friend phone can't boothloader but can life,how can i get the bootloader? i try force boot but stil can't,


What you mean about can life?
The phone is still alive like normal?


whew,my friend got a problem too..
my friend's e398 can't read other memory card.
he's e398 just can read only one memory card that he have.(64 MB)
is it broked?

sorry,did i changed a topic?


The problem is different,you must format the other TF first with PC when you'll insert to that phone.
Then format again in that phone.
If still can't,i guess that phone still using original FW.
For discuss more about your problem,it's better for you to make a new topic.