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[GUIDE] Build ElfPack using Portkit in v3i

Started by ritza_ll, September 06, 2009, 09:12:05 AM

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I know thiis guide have been posted in E398 board  ;)
But i just made it for v3i users to easily used

How to use Portkit
Thanks to Andy51 from motofan

It's for creating ELF Pack (elfpack.fpa, Register.fpa, elfloader.lib, and Lib.o) for LTE, LTE2 and v3i phone

Download portkit

1. Copy arm to C/arm and portkit to C/Portkit in your PC

Make sure your windows configuration(Folder Options) is set to show file extention.

2. Set your make.cmd to your FW. Rename make.cmd to make.txt than open in notepad

-LTE= For phone like E398 and ROKR E1
-LTE2= For L7 and other LTE2 phone
-v3i= For v3i only
Save the file than rename to make.cmd again

Go to c/Portkit/obj. find sysinfo.c file, open in notepad

const char n_phone[] = "Write Your Phone Mod, exp E398, v3i, L7, etc";
const char n_platform[] = "LTE, LTE2 or v3i";
const char n_majorfw[] = "RXXXX (your front FW name)";
const char n_minorfw[] = "Last FW name";
Save the file

Exp for v3i
const char n_phone[] = "v3i";
const char n_platform[] = "v3i";
const char n_majorfw[] = "R4441D";
const char n_minorfw[] = "01.03R";

3. Backup your CG1 using FB 3 with cut empty file (your phone must be never patched with elfpack, if already patched. U need to undo first)

4. Copy paste your CG1 backup file to C/Portkit

5. Rename your backup file to CG1.bin

6. Double click run.bat to process build elfpack

Press Enter untill the proses finished
If you got warning but no error message. It's OK and normal.

Now check C/Portkit/build you should have elfpack.fpa, register.fpa, elfloader.lib and Lib.o

7. Apply the elfpack.fpa and Register.fpa to your reflash patched that have full address
Save as in shx than flash use flasher program. For v3i you must use RSD lite or P2K ET.
Copy the elfoader.lib, auto.run and elf apllication to your TF and enjoy your elf pack.

8. How to update elfloader.lib?
U can download new libgen from
Extract the file than copy to overwrite old file in C/Portkit/libgen than rebuild again to get the elfloader.lib

PDF can be download here


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ritza_ll just newbiehoilic



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great masta.. thanks 4 shared your knowlage with us.. i just can give ++ he he..