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Started by poerhardware, September 10, 2007, 02:05:03 AM

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MediaViewerApplet_MOD_by_POER.. ;D
- This MediaViewerApplet Version_Alpha from me.
- this MediaViewerApplet come to in 2 Version, indonesian and English Version.
- and if there is bug, please immediately to contact me.
- I will immediately repair it.
- Modification by me and Version MediaViewerApplet_POER_4.44 from POER
- version which I make only to differentiate with the version which I have ever made.
- and there no intention to claim, that it me which make.
- I only modification, and non making.
- so that more stable and better again.
Test in ROKR-E1 :
(46R,48R,49R,6FR,70R,75R,dan 79R) and walk better...
- MediaViewerApplet from Mantic4Final.
- Plugins remove some
- Plugins remove for Fast Accses
- Fixed Unload MODE
- Fixed CODE Battery and Signal Status from plugins
- Stable for all MP for E398 and ROKR-E1.
note :
for batrtery and signal status,you select cexbox.
from plugins "Tweak_POER"
cexbox ( status signal dan batray )
press OKE,
press menu->MediaViewer->select(Pilih)->select Hide MediaViewer.
or for Quick Exit MediaViewerApplet(press red button)

REcomended :
- please you Patch CG1 for Java Full Accses.
instalation to your phone :
- running MotoMidMan all Version (recomended _v0.7)
- open file Folder(select MediaViewerApplet)
- or select/click tombol install
- select [*.jad] file, not [*.jar] file
- if chosening (jar), so MV cannot running.
- let the installation walk
- hereinafter, reboot/restart your phone

Test JAVA Aplication :
- ROKR-E1(0A.02)
- ROKR-E1(07.D0)
- E398@E1(07.D0)
Special thanks to :
- Dwi.Wicaksono
- Aldinof
- Montox
- Sysmaster
- BodyGuard
- motolovers,modmymoto,motohell,
Credits :
- Motorola,Apple,Vassio,Valleo,JavaTools_Editor,
- POER/redkingmaster
- Don Omar
- BlackZone
- all PoerHardware[TEAM]

Created by PoerHardware/RedKingMaster
Download :
Download INDONESIAN Version :
MediaViewerApplet_MOD_by_POER <----here

Download ENGLISH Version :
MediaViewerApplet_MOD_by_POER <----here


Thank you,Poer :)
Hope this works fine..


September 10, 2007, 08:20:43 AM #2 Last Edit: September 10, 2007, 08:22:15 AM by XG
thax pro.....
@poerhardware  only for E1 ?



hahahahaha very sweet Raunamaxtor LOL

Thx for share poer


thanks for sharing
but...no comment... ;)
I look this MV in motofan forum.

this tweak,,,fix,,,or customize???


yeah yeah yeah
something like that lah bro.... LOL


@ zigot + MotoManiacsĀ®
As far as we all know, Poer just costumized something, shared to us then he just disappeared. He doesn't want to tell us how he costumized it or answer our questions if his creations has problems.
So I don't have any comment either.

@ poerhardware
No offense  :) :)
I just can say, thanks for sharing Bro.
Hope you want to give us tutorial about java editting  :) :)

@ moderator
Please delete my post if you think I'm being rude  :) :)


September 10, 2007, 04:06:59 PM #8 Last Edit: September 10, 2007, 04:11:36 PM by BruceLee
   He didn't edit a java class he simply added a plugin to the media viewer corelet. If he would edit java class then the plugin should be translated too but as far as i know it's not (corect me if i'm wrong because i didn't test the translated mv from poer because i already made the translation).
   I did that thing too. I've tooked a Media Viewer applet and copyed the plugin into the archive, made the link to it from the plugin.txt file (which is also in the "MediaViewerApplet.jar" archive), i've puted an English lang.txt file and modified a bit the signal and batery metters from left and right with an image editor and that's it.
   You can download it from the atachement.

If you want to do this here's a small tutorial:

What you need:
- a MediaViewer Jar file
- a MediaViewer plugin
- WinRAR or other tool to extract files from the archive


1. Extract the archive in a certain folder. Let's say the name of the folder is "Media Viewer mod"

2. Copy the plugin files in the plugins folder:  /Media Viewer mod/Plugins/

3. Copy the plugin icon in the folder:   /Media Viewer mod/Plugins/Icon/

4. In the plugin.txt file (  /Media Viewer mod/Plugins.txt  ) you must add a line like this:     NAME|CLASS|ICON
    an example is this:   KeySound|Plugins.TimSoft.KeySound.KeySound|/Plugins/Icon/Info.png
  NAME:  The name that apears on the phone when you select that plugin
  CLASS: The main class adress but WITHOUT the extension (.class)
  ICON:   The image adress WITH the extension (.png)

5. If you want you can translate Media Viewer by translating this file:    /Media Viewer mod/Lang.txt
    (be carefull with this because if the text line is too long it won't be fully shown)
   If you don't want to translate the app you can skip this step.

6. If you translate the Corelet you can open this file:    /Media Viewer mod/Version.txt
    and write there the language that the mv uses
   If you don't want to modify that file you can skip this step.

7. To make again all those file a Jar you must archive the files in ZIP format with the name "MediaViewerApplet.zip" (but be careful, you must archive JUST what is in the "MediaViewer mod" folder, you must not archive the folder "MediaViewer mod" JUST what's in it) and after archiving you must rename it from "MediaViewerApplet.zip" to "MediaViewerApplet.jar"

8. Install the corelet in the phone with full access using MotorolaMidletsManager.
Attention: Install it using the Jad file else if you install it using the Jar file it will probably say that the Corelet is corupted or something like that.

Hope you understand this tutorial. Good luck. :)

I've attached the MediaViewer that i have in my phone now, with 2 screenshots.


Great tutor bruce...
Why would we delete your post anyway.. if it is a fact.. ;)


Quote from: MotoManiacsĀ® on September 10, 2007, 04:12:53 PM
Great tutor bruce...
Why would we delete your post anyway.. if it is a fact.. ;)

Yeah.. this is fact.. i will do that bro ;)


i trying it but have not successfull.... i finish it and i rename "XXXX.jar" .......but it can not intalll by motomidman  with file jad.....


the name of the jar file must be: "MediaViewerApplet.jar" else the jad file won't recognize it


thanks for your tutor BruceLee.....