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Paint CAD mobile image editor.Updates

Started by 54mmd13, August 02, 2009, 02:09:14 AM

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August 02, 2009, 02:09:14 AM Last Edit: October 10, 2009, 02:50:37 AM by 54mmd13
This is a very good Java program for editing images from the phone.

I myself have been able to create my own drm, animation, wallpapers.

Is very similar to photoshop on the PC.

Highly recommended.

Update 4/8/2009

Rusian - English From google translate

4 Aug, 2009 (4 aug 2009)
In Java, the software program PaintCAD updated to the 2.0.3 update!
- With strong features "Font Window" field paint is not zaezzhaet on the window title and correctly changes its size after enable / disable this feature
- The effect of Gluck "renamed the" Sharpness "=) to 2.0, it worked correctly and was called Gluck. but after the 2.0 error in this effect is corrected, and he now works as expected (and indeed as originally conceived)
- Accelerated by the effect of "Fire"
- Added indicators "Buffering" in some effects (heat, 3D, Glow, Smooth, Spetsvstavka, Fire)
- Added indicators "Debuferizatsiya in some effects (heat, 3D, Glow, Skanlayn, Fire)
- Added management of the size ???? withdrawn in the "Photo". A "Cars" - as before, or you can specify its size, the Mobile, with indication of the amount of unsupported - not ??????. Therefore, remember that the left soft mode capture always cancels survey and return you to the editor in which case =)
- Cursor now accelerate more smoothly and the acceleration and the movement does not depend on the mobile (as the timer is used instead of movement under the keyRepeated)
- Correctly displays the position of the cursor by double-clicking the # in the main window and single click in windows # "to specify the color in the picture, the color in the buffer" and "allocate". This allows you to quickly find your cursor on the screen.



Selec size of the screen              Open your picture                  Find your picture

Mod your picture                            Example


PaintCAD Font Creator

Original page:



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@ZduneX25 With this new version, now you can open picture bigger than your screen resolution, also you can see remaining time while processing.


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Thanks Zdunex for the karma  :)

Update 2.0.2 (First Post)
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I´m sammdie.:D


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This program is for the font in PaintCad

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