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(Help) Freeze when typing text

Started by iPhonk Inc, July 20, 2009, 07:53:21 AM

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iPhonk Inc

I hope there's no same question before this post,,
my friend got his phone having problem when he types some text.. always freeze when he types in message, apps, anywhere there's text field.. but he can dial any number when in stand by mode..
But the bad news is that he also got his USB port broken and can't be repaired yet (although had been brought in some phone service)..
so my question is how fix his problem without flashing or through USB connection..

thanks so much for Ur help, all Masta..
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If still in original firmware,just try to do master reset.

iPhonk Inc

no, it's not ori..
it doesn't work, Pal..
any other way?
my Life must be goin' on..! visit my weblog Ora Mutu


OMG.... There was someone on the forum that had a similar problem for a LONG time... I forgot how he solved it :( But there is really not much you can do without the USB cable... :-/