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[mp] MartinczFala_Eclipse Perfect Flash By Martincz

Started by devilsking, June 09, 2009, 06:23:22 AM

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June 09, 2009, 06:23:22 AM Last Edit: June 11, 2009, 10:55:39 AM by Exploited
Description by original author & Translation By me .. Srry if u dont understand some translation cz it was even difficult for me to understand and interpret in english !!

The package, called MartinczFala_Eclipse, deeply grieved meaning, absolutely you will be a very happy with the Flash package. SupAyrton In this need to thank the many people, thanks to the switch machine SupAyrton material, thanks to a stone, saying that the ravages of a rock in my under no fewer than 40 times to restart the phone before so I modified the screen switches to a perfect machine.L7-EM30???? Thank Populus, Tin Lok and others to support the tree, thanks to 3D patience to answer, thanks to Tiger and stones PP some of the pictures and ring tones, thanks to the L7-EM30 { member from moto.it168.com} test

Characteristics of Flash:
1. Contains all features included in ilove3d's latest flash .
2. After three years to solve the hellomoto by adding video ring tones after the collapse of choice BUG.(Finally built the perfect).Im not sure if these video ringtones work )
3. Java speed patch (no input box BUG)
4. Java stack of modifications to the 4096 .
5. Long Pig Ya modified black page E8.Little mouth, open your full-screen symbols box ~ ~ ~ carriage return has been .I guess full add symbols . Not sure what this is ..
6. The main menu interface, such as rearrange Not sure what this is .
7. Muslim prayer by default, do not like can be directly closed. (Azaan can be closed which is present )
8. N small settings, your own experience.(Nt Sure)
9. Built mass SMS template.
10. Greatly removed from the help you need to mount a number of things, let you experience the speed of the real journey. "

Steps to flash : {Not sure}
Can be flashed with No RSA 06.A3,06.A9,06.AC {Try at your own risk )
Note: This package is applicable to all hellomoto users Lei Bao.
1. 06.A3 invites all users to complete 06.AC flash from the original mine operations.(This can be an effective solution alarm and boot problems, will be to break free of mine.)
2. After the completion of the 06.AC flash hellomoto NORSA operation completed.
3. Flash 06.AC part of the CG31.
4. Flash the package.
5. For stable operation, be sure to remove all cell phone mount??clear.

More about this can be achieved from martincz who is there on mmus.us !! So we will wait for him to reply or you can try this flash .im not able to download this .. But see if some1 can
Here is the link :http://www.rayfile.com/zh-cn/files/4c9eb92...f-0019d11a795f/

I have translated this from the original post on moto.it168.com !! The translation was difficult for me . Didn't understand quite some things so i have written " Not Sure " in front of them !! Njoy !!
MotoIt Link:http://moto.it168.com/thread-500718-1-1.html

Thanks to Martincz !!

Tested this fw my review is that it is incredibly fast !! very fast !! but no major features
azaan is installed from the beginning !!
msg_helper.mgx mgs template in chinese has been added like more symbols in chinese have been added !!
Video ringtones are not present rather it is that video in RMVB Format can be played at 800kbps !!
Rest is same like ilove3d's magic final and main menu usermenutree is like the stockk fw with mpkgbox 2.0 in the officetools !!

Download: http://www.e2mod.com/e8/index.php/firmwares/68-martinczfala-eclipse-1013r.html

Link rapidshare: http://rapidshare.com/files/242392499/MartinczFala_Eclipse.rar  

Other link: http://www.fileserver.cc/v0g9otcmtm3v.html



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2. After three years to solve the hellomoto by adding video ring tones after the collapse of choice BUG.(Finally built the perfect).Im not sure if these video ringtones work )

Sorry, Have a error.
Three times, is not three years.
:)Thank you


Really great flash! The best, in my opinion.

Just having a problem....
My Alarm Clock does not work when phone is powered off...
The phone powers on, but alarm does not ring...
It also happened in the first flash of Ilove3d(not the pro), but in original firmware and BestWebs flashes i did not have this problem...

I think that is an important issue, because i like to power off phone at night to save battery and avoid drunk friends calls

Anyone has a tip to solve this?
Is this a No RSA 06.03 issue?