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ilove3d_magic_elba_pro ( +mpkgbox 2.0)

Started by devilsking, June 04, 2009, 06:54:36 PM

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June 04, 2009, 06:54:36 PM Last Edit: June 05, 2009, 09:33:59 PM by Exploited

special thanks:
yan0, lasly, Koin(ÎÞ¸ù²Ý), JayDD, dimichxp, Abram, motofan.ru, etc.


flashing steps:

1. confirm you have NO RSA bootloader(BL), if not, flash NO RSA BL first.


NO RSA BL should flash the same version as your current.
e.g. 06.A3 should flash 06.A3-NO-RSA

if you version is older than the NO-RSA-BL you found, upgrade
to the origian version first, like you have 06.A1, you can
upgrade to 06.A3 first, then flash 06.A3-NO-RSA

NO-RSA-BL version higher than 06.A9 may not works, note that.

2. flash this ilove3d_magic_elba_pro.sbf

3. do a master clear if you want.


more details of what's new? just flash it.


most new functions:

mpkgbox2.0: (shows in mainmenu, the MpkgBox2)
shows installed mgx programs in this application.

what's new to e8mpkgbox:
1. shows size in properties
2. no click bug
3. multi-selection (need register)
register please contact email fay2002hifi@163.com
sorry I have no paypal international account this moment
please contact me first.
4. faster
5. using mpkgbox2.conf to setup the paths

rokr2.0: (shows when you click the files it supports)
supports almost any type of archive file
supports mgx applications installation
supports mgs skins packages installation

what's new to rokr:
re-written using rork2.conf to setup the paths

textViewer2.0: (shows when you click the files it supports)
shows a plain-text file content.

what'snew to textViewer:
re-written using textViewer2.conf to setup the paths

easyThemes: (never shows, it works automaticly)
the assistant script for support easy skin format

what's new:
when you click theme setup, the script will prompt you
to delete useless theme files (if there is)

bftpd from motofan.ru
connect via USB tool or modem tools mode, access FTP
through, username is 'root', password not exist

telnet enabled
connect via USB tool or modem tools mode, access TELNET
through telnet, username is 'root', password not exist


usefull paths:

mgx applications are installed:

mgs skins are installed:

international language files:
note: just write the file as xxx_${LANGUAGE_STRING}.lng
follow the ones which you get from ezx_system.cfg
the lang file is a shell script, you can understand it easily too.


preloaded JayDD's M8_Style skin, one of the most beautiful E8 skins
preloaded some pictures and ringtone

You can delete them if you want.



compcache swap enabled, from Abram

bash4.0.24, as the default root shell

busybox1.13.4, shown as busybox_full in /bin

show* series , mostly the same usage as E2 ones, but you should still look at the help info
by typing them without any param

added deathDlg instead of showProgress

added showSlider instead of showNumPicker

sorry no showDatePicker and showTimePicker, showColorPicker


libezxappbase.so modded for java speed, from motofan.ru

removed motorola_feature_security
enabled ext3
enabled swap





DOWNLOAD: http://www.e2mod.com/e8/index.php/firmwares/67-ilove3d-1013r-magic-elba-pro.html



That means mpgx 2 is out now for sold now?
Anyway, thx for sharing n ur contribution for making these new firmwares..


wow it's another fw from 3D

thanks i try asap.... ;) mpkbox 2.0




the final fw is truly great?
i lovin it??



pretty gud firmware      shud try.........but i dont get how the namaz tyming schedule got into a rokr monster pack.......still  cant complain abt it  um a muslim  so this is kinda a plus point................once again   really gud firmware.......a few bugs remain......but getting  there.....