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problem with e2

Started by cfsg, May 15, 2009, 02:44:13 AM

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hi, i'm from Argentina. everytime I receive a missing call, the phone works wrong. I receive many messages from the cellphone company which remember me i had that call and meanwhile i cant send or receive messages. that lasts about 12 hours, its a nightmare! i had to buy another phone to recieve those calls.
people told me that this happens because the internal memory of the phone is almost full, i have lots of messages saved about 2000 and its not my intention to delate them.
i've downloaded the mpt to save those messages in the pc, but didn't work.
could anyone help me?

my name is Candela, sory for my english  :)


First, what phone do you use? if there's a memory card in there, and if you're lucky enough to find a backup software for it, you could easily back it up to your memory card.

Joka X

he/she use e2, look at the title.


owh my fault, i didn't read it :P, first mod your phone then (i assume you haven't), and then use the backup tool, you could download it athttp://keaglez.e2mod.com/index.php?software,11 (it's keaglez official E2mod blog).

If you're looking for the mod tutorial, you could get it herehttp://www.e2mod.com/content/view/30/29/

Happy modding


well, if you just want to save your messages in other media/format, such as csv, then, backup tools won't help...it just simply doing backup to restore later in your phone. also, note that if you haven't mod your phone, and if you flash it, you will lose all your message and contacts that stored in phone.
Best regards,
Jeffri H.


well it seems that your only chance is your MPT, but  man 1000 sms? i bet it stored from last year


he wrote 2000 sms bro.. :P

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thank u for your answers! first of all, im a lady. yes 2000 is a lot but these date one or two years and have sentimental value to meee :$ i dont know what mod is, and i cant find the meaning. i'll try with that link polar bear gave me and i dont know which mpt use ,that's the problem, i think ,that would be the most suitable option, but im not the expert..



i cant open the backup tool, i need a program to open it or something like that! i want my messages in my computer :(


Okay, this is the last option maybe for you to solve your problem, first check your  Sim card sms capacity, after that, if you really want to save all the 2000 sms then provide yourself with a lot of simcard, you don't need to buy a new one, just take the used one and considering 2000 sms is not a small number, make sure you provide a lot of simcard, after that, just copy, all of them to the simcard, and deleted all the message from the internal memory, that way you could easily store your sms without doing a modding or etc.
Good luck, sis.


May 20, 2009, 01:51:51 AM #10 Last Edit: May 20, 2009, 01:53:23 AM by cfsg
ok, but, i want to have these in the computer. i mean, i'd like to connect the phone with the computer and copy those messages. what you mean is having the messages in the simcard, which is not the memory card, right? and i cant copy all at the same time, i'll have to copy one by one.
im asking u this because i know from people who actually can copy the messages in the pc, but if this isnt available in this phonee i will have to desist

thank u again, is hard to be explaining this in a foreing language but im glad you understand me

if the answer is again the backup tool , plz tell me which programme i need to make it work


Well, since you couldn't sync your phone with the PC, i see no other option other than copy the sms to the simcard, well, you could copy your sms to the Memory card after you mod your phone an install the Backup tools, i assume that you need to free your phone memory first.

so at first, i think your best option is to save it temporarily on your simcard, when we already finished your phone problem, we could recover it little by little and save it on to your computer. Okay?

Well, you could add my Yahoo messenger to ask me, i think it will be better since if you want to add a lots of applications etc, you need to mod your phone.
Sometimes my internet connection is sucks, and i couldn't connect the Motohell

Joka X

just use Motorola phone tools. does your phone come with a cd when you bought it?


Her MPT didn't work, she said it

Joka X

did she change to modem mode?