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Started by bnabur, January 01, 2010, 09:41:10 AM

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why i cannot upload photo to facebook using opera mini and built-in browser? the 'choose' button always inactive. why? i'm using rokr e2 ultimate. thx


Maybe the internet connection provided by your mobile company is not fast enough to upload files...

Eko Gilazz

Yeah, I agree! I've tried using my original E2 browser, all type of operamini, Samsung and Sonyericsson browser also can't use to upload some photos in facebook mobile web. I don't know why just nokia browser only that capable. Photo upload facility like disable for other cellphone browser except original nokia browser. :'(


mobile upload for facebook is disabled. Instead u can upload it via sending the photos thru a specified email that facebook has provided. So you can upload via your email provider on ur mobile.