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[e2] Unlock with Subsidy Password

Started by joefreire, September 12, 2007, 02:26:07 PM

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Somebody help me,

my rokr e2 is lock for my operator, TIM BRAZIL
i need using my e2 in outher operator, but i need Subsidy Password

Somebody have the calculator?



I think your phone is locked, flash to another firmware...


hello sjj , i have ths same problem, im in southamerica, i flash my e2 with ilove3d-48P_Ultimate and now with Katze3. But I continue with the same problem
with Subsidy Password when i want to use another company simcards...
please do you recomend to me any special firmware to Unlock it?


You can contact the current provider to obtain the subsidy password. If they don't give it to you - either "unlocking software" can help or you can go to a repair service shop (they have unlocking software)... It's illegal in some countries, but ... it works everywhere :)


yep about 2% of costa rica gross product income comes from phone unlocking because the provider sucks. lol maybe not that 2%, but hell there is a lot of unlocking around, specially in colombian shops, those guys...