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MotoMix (NEW)

Started by jzzz, April 11, 2009, 06:28:25 AM

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First - open
Second - push camera button

anyway read this:
ELF for taking screenshots  Big alternative of MSnap. You will make a screenshot by pushing the smart key and you will get  /b/screen*.bmp file in your phone memory (You have to set the smart key as camera)
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yes, screener elf is very good for making screenshot. no need to connect to computer


Thx all,i have tried.
Worked,nice bro.
I'll put it soon,coz i still Oni now.


i can't flash this MP to my phone..


What you mean it can't?
What flasher do you use?
Use FB 3 in flasher folder,included with driver.
I have prepared all you have for flashing in that MP.



I have a question┬┐?
what is the bootloader MP ;)

I Love my E1@E398...xD xD


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Right,this MP is for 07.DO
You can see at the info about the MP.


but when flash me written at BL error
do there steps which must be conducted before doing flash..??

sory for my bad englis


April 18, 2009, 06:05:07 AM #25 Last Edit: April 18, 2009, 10:30:34 AM by jzzz
What you mean bro?
The step?
What phone do you have?
And what BL?

IF your phone is e398 or Rokr e1 with BL 07.DO,,
1.Install FB 3 from the MP pack (i put it on this MP)
2.Run it and choose write data tab-select flash files and browse the MP,open and click write data
3.Copy elf folder to TF after flashing

If your phone e398 or Rokr e1 with BL OA.02,you must edit it first to convert MP for use in Rokr e1.
Or you can downgrade your BL,I put in on folder flasher-BL down.

For downgrade:
1.Make sure that you really want to do this,bcoz it's very hard to back your BL
2.Open FB 3 and choose write data tab-select flash files and browse the BOOT_0A02_to_07D0_step1.fsw from for flasher-BL Down,open and click write data
3.Your BL will show to do step 2,browse BOOT_0A02_to_07D0_step2 and click write data.
4.Ok,your BL is 07.DO now.


cool mp...but make my moto stuck...?!!