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MotoMix (NEW)

Started by jzzz, April 11, 2009, 06:28:25 AM

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March 21, 2010, 11:11:18 AM #360 Last Edit: March 30, 2010, 06:33:36 PM by ZduneX25
Oh no...
1 masta now out of modding,,,
Mixed MP series ended... :'(

Jzzz: could you share to me the elfporting tutor for DAR FW ???
I wanted to have all Motomix elves on DAR test12...
Falses, that what made u falls..


March 30, 2010, 03:30:58 PM #361 Last Edit: April 08, 2010, 09:13:17 AM by jzzz
Sorry i don't have it,
since i'm out of modding right now.


 :-\ Owh,,,
sorry J,...
I just wanted to know how to add startmenu.elf and actdesk.elf to DAR test MP,,,
Both of this elves doesn't exist in the pack... :'(
Falses, that what made u falls..


Hmm fo me ActDesk works fine version 2.7 by @LinZi
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startmenu and actdesk are work fine in this MP,
i have tried it when i still in modding.
or you can use new modified MP based on MotoMix,
try to find Motomodiff.
new elf added,
but less plugin for motocmd.


@Jzzz: MotoMix Elves are the most complete features than others pack...
Especially it MotoCmd...that why I'm still using this pack till now...
I've already tried MotoModiff by dera, the edited mma ucp are cool...
Falses, that what made u falls..


Can I flash this MP for my ROKR E1 with BL 07.DO and can you give me the link to download caused if I download from e398mod.com they give me the broken link... thanks, maklum i'm just newbie here..


Yes u can.
click on masta jzzz signature then u'll get the file..
-= we think trees no jail a run so cow cool in a =-



@Master Jzzz or
@Anyone Please help me :)

4 several months, until now (eventually yesterday), i use ur MP (Motomix). yesterday, i ran the MASTER RESET, thus my mobile just stuck on bootloader mode, it cant booting. :'(.
I attempt 2 reflash it using P2kTools (ive installed the driver before), it CONNECTED, and ready to flash. But i cant flash it. The command for flashing not work.

My Questions :
1 : Why MASTER RESET make the system error?
2 : Why Flashing command not work? (though mobile in flashing mode)
3 : How to solve this problem? could u suggest solutions?

Thanks 4 ur attention, 4 ur MP, and 4 ur Help... :)


Just flashed this MP and now have no service.


Yup sorry for this MP,master reset cant be done.
So never try to do it.


October 20, 2010, 06:33:42 AM #371 Last Edit: October 28, 2010, 11:17:01 AM by ZduneX25
Hi Masta,

This Mp is so cool.
But when i put Elf on Tf, eTunes can't run.
can some one help me ?

hai all..someone can inform me.how to solve it..i've flashed again to repair it.but went i edit elf in auto.run. Corelat doesnt run again..what shuold i do ?


So what is wrong eTunes or Corelet??
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I glad you read my post.
I see this corelat contain of lrc player right?
When i edit auto run to add/reduce some elves.
This corelat don't want Run?
Could you tell us what should i do?


Are you sure?? As far as I know this MP is based on DAR and on DAR Corelet works as Corelet.
Show your auto.run before and after
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