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Preparation of multilingual mpkg's

Started by Exploited, July 17, 2007, 02:46:52 PM

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July 17, 2007, 02:46:52 PM Last Edit: August 18, 2007, 03:36:39 PM by Exploited
I am really happy how the project UBackup of Taurnil worked and especially how fastly we contributed in translating his application in several languages.

It will be great if we expand that and make more translations possible. Such community needs a "Leader" (the guy who will get the original app, extract all strings, collect all translations from the forum and compile the multilingual mpkg) and members (the people that will translate the strings)...

Currently I am seaking for both leader (sorry guys, but I personally won't be able to do that job) and members.

Do you guys think that we can do it? Please write in the thread if you are interested!

Here is the current list (not all people confirmed that they want to be in the list, but anyway...)

Taurnil (our MASTER):Spannish / English
Exploited:Bulgarian / English
Darkslider:Russian / English
pizzadox619:Indonesian / English
hotus:French / English
darwin_rodgers:Papiamento / English
vanhieumai:Vietnameese / English
Atomik88:Portuguese / English
yjplsn:Chinese / English
clappo:Italian / English
abokamel:Arabian / English

Current Projects:

1. UBackup v0.1
Status: Done
URL: http://www.e2mod.com/content/view/206/28/
           Ready Languages:
           - English
           - Russian
           - Papiamento
           - Spanish
           - Indonesian
           - Bulgarian
           - French
           - Vietnamese
           - Portuguese
           - Chinese
Pending upgrade: Arabian

2. Hidefolder v0.21
Status: Done
URL: http://www.e2mod.com/content/view/213/28/
           Ready Languages:
           - English
           - Papiamento
           - Vietnamese
           - Russian
           - French
           - Indonesian
           - Portuguese
           - Chinese
           - Spanish
           - Bulgarian
           - Italian
           - Arabian

3. MPG123
Status: Done
URL: http://www.e2mod.com/content/view/227/28/
           Ready Languages:
           - English
           - Chinese
           - Bulgarian
           - Indonesian
           - Spanish
           - French
           - Portuguese
           - Vietnamese
           - Arabian
           - Russian

P.S. Lang codes:
Bulgarian: bg-bg
Arabian: ar-eg
French: fr-fr
Portuguese: pt-br
Vietnamese: vie
Italian: it-it
English: en-us
Chinese: zh-cn
Spanish: es-co

Please post ideas and suggestions. More translators in the team are welcome!


I can work as leader, extracting the strings and making the spanish translations, cuz spanish is my mother language.
Do you guys think that we can do it?

Hell yeah! ;D


Yeah. Ready for translating  8)
Go Indonesian Motomodders  :-*



July 17, 2007, 07:17:30 PM #5 Last Edit: July 17, 2007, 07:19:18 PM by Taurnil
Hi vanhieumai, I'm glad you're here  :)
ok, so... can you help us translating into Vietnamese?

I just finished a script to make language selectors; now it searches language files and generates the list,
so we just add APPNAME.LANGUAGE.lang files into mpkg's folder ;)

# This script must be called after setting QTDIR. It NEEDS 3 parameters:
mypath=$1; #  Relative path
appname=$2;  #  langfiles header:   $appname.LANGUAGE.lang
title=$3; # Applicationi name. It's the langmenu title
if [ ! -f $mypath/$appname.lang.lin ]; then
if [ -z "$title" ];then title=$appname; fi
if [ -f $mypath/showRadio ]; then menu=$mypath/showRadio; else menu=showRadio; fi

langlist=$(ls $mypath | grep "$appname\..*\.lang"|sed -e s/$appname\.//g|sed -e s/\.lang//g);
langarray[0]="English"; index=1; #  English: default language
for lang in $langlist; do langarray[$index]=$lang;index=$[index+1];done
$menu "$appname" "Select language:" $langlist; lang=$?;
cp $mypath/$appname.${langarray[$lang]}.lang $mypath/$appname.lang.lin
return 0
return 1




July 17, 2007, 11:00:37 PM #8 Last Edit: July 26, 2007, 01:26:55 AM by Taurnil
Some weeks ago I made an application to hide one or more folders in your SD card. Even it has password protection  8) (optional).  We can start translating it, if you want.

I will post the strings ;)
(feel free to correct my bad english  :-[)


a1='Hidefolder v0.21'
a2='Which folder do you want to show/hide?'
a3='Choose a folder'
a4="folder list in 'hide.cfg'"
a6a="Do you want to hide "
a7a="Do you want to show "
a7b=" folder?"
a8b=" folder is now hidden."
a8c=" is now visible."
a8d=" is still hidden."
a8e=" is still visible."
a10a="Error: "
a10b=" folder does not exist. Check '.hide.cfg' file in your memory card."
a10c=" can't be hidden."
a10d=" can't be shown."
a11="Error: there's no 'hide.cfg' or '.hide.cfg' file in your memory card."
a12='Select a folder:'
#New Text constants, v0.2.1
b001="Do you want to protect this application with a password?"
b002="Please type your new password:"
b003="Please confirm the new password:"
b004="Password Stored"
b005="Now this application is password protected."
b006="Wrong passwords"
b007="Password and confirmation are not the same. Please try again."
b008="This application won't ask you for any password to work."
b009="Please type the password:"
b010="Wrong password. Please try again."
b011="What do you want to do?"
b012="View/hide folders"
b013="Set/change password"
b014="Remove password"
b014b="Change language"
b016="Do you want to remove your password?"
b017="You have not removed your password."

Wich other applications should we translate? I mean, maybe linksys, reboot, fotoren?

edit: (Exploited): Fixed some minor spelling in the English strings


July 17, 2007, 11:09:30 PM #9 Last Edit: July 18, 2007, 12:14:18 AM by Taurnil
QuoteWich other applications should we translate? I mean, maybe linksys, reboot, fotoren?
what could we translate there?it is just script :-\ there is no interface,and they does not need it


translation to papiamento

a1='Hidefolder v0.21'
a2='cua folder bo ta desea di wak/sconde?'
a3='kies e folde'
a4="lista di folder den 'hide.cfg'"
a6a="bo ta kier hideable "
a7a="bo kier pa e ta viewable "
a7b=" folder?"
a8b=" e folde ta scondi awo."
a8c=" awo e ta visible."
a8d=" e ta scondi ainda."
a8e=" e ta viewable ainda."
a10a="Error: "
a10b=" Folder no ta existi.check'.hide.cfg' file den bo memory card."
a10c=" no por ta scondi."
a10d=" no por ta viewable."
a11="Error: No tin 'hide.cfg' or '.hide.cfg' file den bo memory card."
a12='Select e folder:'
#New Text constants, v0.2.1
b001="bo kier protect e application cu un password?"
b002="Please type bo password nobo:"
b003="Please confirma bo password nobo:"
b004="Password Stored"
b005="Awo e application ta protecta."
b006="Password fout"
b007="Password y e confirmation no ta mesun cos. please purba atrobe."
b008="E application no ta puntra niun password."
b009="Please type e password:"
b010="Password Fout Please purba atrobe."
b011="Kiko bo ta desea di haci?"
b012="Wak/scone foldernan"
b013="Pone/cambia password"
b014="Kita password"
b014b="Cambia e Idioma"
b016="Bo kier Kita bo password?"
b017="Bo no a kita bo password."

No thnx


translation to vietnamese :D

a1='Hidefolder v0.21'
a2='B?n mu?n ?n/hi?n th? m?c nào?'
a3='Ch?n th? m?c'
a4="Các th? m?c li?t kê trong 'hide.cfg'"
a6a="B?n có mu?n ?n th? m?c không "
a6b="th? m?c?"
a7a="B?n có mu?n hi?n th? m?c không "
a7b=" th? m?c?"
a8b=" Th? m?c này ?ã ???c ?n."
a8c=" bây gi? ?ang hi?n ra."
a8d=" v?n ?ang ?n."
a8e=" v?n ?ang hi?n."
a10a="L?i: "
a10b=" th? m?c không t?n t?i. Hãy ki?m tra file '.hide.cfg' trên th? nh?."
a10c=" không th? ?n ???c."
a10d=" không th? hi?n ra ???c."
a11="L?i: không có file 'hide.cfg' hay '.hide.cfg' trên th? nh?."
a12='Hãy ch?n th? m?c:'
#New Text constants, v0.2.1
b001="B?n có mu?n s? d?ng m?t kh?u ?? b?o v? ?ng d?ng này?"
b002="Hãy nh?p vào m?t kh?u m?i:"
b003="Hãy nh?p l?i ?? xác nh?n m?t kh?u m?i:"
b004="M?t kh?u ?ã ???c l?u"
b005="?ng d?ng này ?ã ???c m?t kh?u b?o v?."
b006="Sai m?t kh?u"
b007="M?t kh?u và s? xác nh?n không gi?ng nhau. Xin hãy th? l?i."
b008="?ng d?ng này s? không h?i b?t kì m?t kh?u nào n?a."
b009="Xin hãy nh?p m?t kh?u:"
b010="Sai m?t kh?u. Xin hãy th? l?i."
b011="B?n mu?n làm gì?"
b012="?n/hi?n các th? m?c"
b013="Thi?t lâp/thay ??i m?t kh?u"
b014="G? b? m?t kh?u"
b014b="Thay ??i ngôn ng?"
b015="Thoát ra"
b016="B?n có mu?n lo?i b? m?t kh?u c?a b?n không?"
b017="B?n không th? lo?i b? m?t kh?u c?a b?n."


Translation in Bulgarian:

a1='????? ????? v0.21'
a2='??? ????? ?????? ?? ?????????/????????'
a3='???????? ?????'
a4="?????? ?? ??????? ? 'hide.cfg'"
a6a="?????? ?? ?? ?????? "
a7a="?????? ?? ?? ????????? "
a7b=" ??????"
a8b=" ????? ? ???? ??????."
a8c=" ? ???? ??????."
a8d=" ? ??? ??? ?????."
a8e=" ? ??? ??? ?????."
a10a="??????: "
a10b=" ????? ?? ??????????. ????????? '.hide.cfg' ? ??????? ?????."
a10c=" ?? ???? ?? ???? ?????."
a10d=" ?? ???? ?? ???? ???????."
a11="??????: 'hide.cfg' ?? ??????????."
a12='???????? ?????:'
#New Text constants, v0.2.1
b001="?????? ?? ?? ???????? ??????? ? ???????"
b002="???????? ???? ??????:"
b003="?????????? ?????? ??????:"
b004="???????? ? ????????"
b005="???? ?????????? ? ????????."
b006="?????? ??????"
b007="???????? ?? ????????. ???????? ???."
b008="???? ???????? ???? ?? ?? ???? ?? ??????."
b009="???????? ??????:"
b010="?????? ??????. ???????? ???."
b011="????? ?????? ?? ??????????"
b012="???/????? ?????"
b013="??????/??????? ??????"
b014="???????? ??????"
b014b="Change language"
b016="?????? ?? ?? ?????????? ?????????"
b017="??? ??????????? ????????."

P.S. I would like to advise everybody that "Change Language" should remain as "Change Language" on all translations... What do you think?


it is a cool way

I'll do like this next time when it's necessary


ilove3d - can you help with Chineese translations (well most programs are made in China anyway, but...)?