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E2[FW]Zero 4AP--Tyrano Series

Started by Mohamed David, April 05, 2009, 07:57:59 PM

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Mohamed David

April 05, 2009, 07:57:59 PM Last Edit: April 19, 2009, 12:00:01 PM by Exploited
Hi, people of Motohell, here I bring them the first of my new series of fw's, the T-Series or Tyrano Series, now I will pass to describe the achieved up to the moment.

.-Based on R564_G_12.00.4AP Stock
.-One of the more fast fw's in the history of ROKR E2
.-All iLove3d's improvements
.-Supports syncronization with MPT in Kaleidoscope-Non Kaleidoscope Mode
.-Added New Show* Binaries from Revival Project
.-BusyBox v1.8.3 (2008-04-04 17:20:20 CST)
.-Enabled all eq presets
.-The more fast iLove3d Kernel, iLove3d Kernel V2
( supports: ext2, ext3, swap, multikeypress, NON SDHC 4GB SD Card, loop, and squashfs )
.-MotoID Enabled and working
.-Websessions of Movistar Argentina
.-Supports TELNET/SAMBA/FTP connections
.-APMD Stock! (104/208/312)
.-Can Activate Screen3 (Orange Menu) without reboot!
.-Camera with 8x Zoom!, Resolutions changed to 1280x1024-1024x768-800x600-640x480.
.-Video Camera Resolution Changed to : 320x240-176x144
.-Change function of right button of the photo preview, now says "discard" in place of "Send", much more efficient!!
.-Gain_Table and Param_Table mod by me for the Tyrano Series Fw's

.-Native Soflock ("c"+"*") of Kaleidoscope works correctly and without bugs!! (Only in Kalei Mode )
.-75% more fast to access MPKG and JAVA applications! in Kaleidoscope Mode.
.-100% more fast to access MPKG and JAVA applications in Normal Mode.
.-NO Accent bugs in Media Player!
.-NO bugs of Messages Service
.-Mounts Partitions And SwapFiles at PowerON
.-My_FAVOR execute: ezx_volumetable.cfg, APMD, myfont.ttf, ezx_flexbit.cfg.
.-New rokrFile created by me, with some functions of rokr.lin of Maxx IV
(Execute and view scripts: .lin .sh .mtf .ins)
(Extract .rar .tar .gz .zip .7z .bz2)
Install packages .skin.zip .skin.rar

=========UnKnown Folder==========
.-NEW Folders: My_SOUND And My_LANG!
My_SOUND: Contains the ui_sounds folder, you can replace the user interface sounds,
put in this folder your customize sounds
My_LANG: This contains 4 folders
iTap: Put here your language file for write SMS.
operalang: Here put your Opera Browser language file
string: Your system language folder, example: en-us for English Lang, etc.
vui: Put here your voice commands folder, for example: spanish for Spanish Voice Commands
.-Added RO_SYSTEM Folder! This folder show your system path, similar to LinkSYS but no bugs of Playlist Refresh.
Observation: You cannot edit the contain of this folder.

.-APMD Switcher: The best tool to make OC, you can add yours apmd in the folder /ezxlocal/.system/apmds.
.-Autorun Manager: This Application can edit the autorun.txt easily and you can deactivate the E2-Menu from here
for recover the Voice Commands.
.-Mount manager: App for manage the partitions of the sd card and the binded files mounted by the autorun.
.-Black&White: The BlackList! You can designate the numbers which you not desire answer.
.-Simple File Manager: A tool for manage your files and folders easily, of your phone.
.-Font Changer: This tool change the font of your system, you can add your custom fonts at /ezxlocal/.system/fonts
.-HideFolder v2.2: Show and Hide the folders of your SD Card, Hides subfolders too!
.-JavaHS: Changes the heapsize of your JAVA Games/Applications!!
.-Process Manager: The task manager!! highlighting a process you can kill a process, how? click option----> Kill
.-rokrLight: The best lantern for ROKR E2.
.-Orange Menu: This application -created by luks10100- Turn On the orange menu.
.-SwapFile Manager: Create a SwapFile of differents sizes, and you can activate the swapfile from here.
.-Kaleidoscope: Turn ON/OFF The kaleidoscope mode. by 3-D, Credits to Him.
.-SD Tools: A SD Manager updated, more efficient!!
.-E2-Menu 1.3 with new functions and more...
.-Font Changer: Change and Preview your font, quickly!!
.-E2TextEditorX by NestorM,: The best text editor for the E2, open and edit your text files with this tool, without bug and
a new and optimized GUI, and save your files in various codecs, for example: UTF-8 or GB2312 for chinese caracters.


Author Note:
Thanks to:
All The People who participated of Revival Project:  Arctu, Raunamaxtor, Taurnil, Keaglez, and ereveryone who made this possible.  
Av3lar , luks10100 for Beta Testers and NestorM for your help.

Regards and I hope that they like, Moha.
PD: Sorry for my bad english.
Do a master reset after flashing.





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god oh god.i will dunlut it now.thanks man.
iam really lucky today.


Best regards,
Jeffri H.

Joka X

can someone mirror it to somewhere that support resume??


                                        Indonesian Motousers Community


Wow! New FW!
Surely I will try this...


I have tried this FW a few weeks ago.It's surely the best FW I've tried.It's so blazing fast.With Kalei,it's so fast comparing with other Kalei-enabled FW.I really love this FW.Good job from Moha..:)


I'll try this f/w for sure.
Thank you.


DID this firmwares support talking phone???this firmsware looks great!!!!i will try it today..thanks for your sharing!!++


i can't download at all ....... can anybody put in another link??please...


i used this f/w for two weeks...and he result is the best f/w i ever used...
very stable..and fast for sure..ireally like..thanks Mohammed..


I just flashed this MP, it's great, i hope we could edit the orange menu a little, so that it won't cover the background, and also, with the orange menu on there's no way to exit the media player without killing the process via taskmanager, any other idea on this?


Awesome FW :D
The file manager's speed is just amazing  8)


mirror please? :)

i really want to try this fw..waaahh...im soo excited..hehehe