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Started by cavarella, April 03, 2009, 09:35:02 AM

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How to instal lp0021 in e2,according to see detel

coz I confused,tank.s all

sorry my bad speak,hehe...


@cavarella, I guess that you are Thai people, right? Me, too, are Thai.
But as long as this is an international forum, I'll speak with you in English.

Right now, there is no LP0021 for MAXX series, which means that you cannot input in Thai language.
Do not try to flash standard LP0021, ROKR Extreme LP0021, or any AiO to your phone.
In case of reading Thai language on your phone, just change font to Tahoma.
If you're using MAXX 4, you can try to copy you favorite fonts to your phone.


to Ong14
I'm from indonesia,not people from thai
thank's for replying,
good information from you