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need helP edit DRM

Started by kakarot, March 29, 2009, 01:50:21 PM

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hi all modders
i need help in editing DRM. After replacing icons, and save as DRM SHX, then i flash to my MP.
But, big problem is bothering me, it never works !! always make my E398 restart,,
please help me for explanation... or give me the right DRM port that is working



or... i am using wrong DRM port  ???


i read here https://motohell.com/index.php?topic=3114.0

It's very simple Wink
1. Prepare image file that you want to use (GIF format 176 x 220 px). Name it as 18.gif.
2. Parse your CG15 using DRM Port
3. Drag and drop your image file to folder that contains parsed icons (inside DRM Port folder) to replace the old one in your CG15.
4. Compile your new CG15 using DRM Port

more specific explanation please... i am really noob...
does my steps wrong ?


Flash again ur cg4 (langpack)..

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i guess it was error in size of your DRM....it should have 2,359 Mb not 2,517 Mb like in pict 12...

you can try to edit again



just flash again your langpack, and don't forget patch with patch 5 font DRM, if you use that lang