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[E2] MP Krakatau

Started by baghost, February 04, 2009, 02:44:12 PM

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February 04, 2009, 02:44:12 PM Last Edit: February 06, 2009, 08:12:41 PM by baghost
Hello..i wanna sharing my customize MP

MP Krakatau based on E2Legend by Mohammed David

Info :
1. E2 Legend Feature :
   - Php loader included in fw
   - Ilove3d V3 Kernel
   - Intense Stereo sound
   - radio without headset
   - rokr revival stuff
2. AiOlangpack by Vanhieumay (credit to him)
3. Switch Kaleidoscope on/off with Autorun manager
   - if you choose to disable kaleidoscope at autorumn manager, restart the phone, wait about 1
minutes & kaleidoscope feature will disabled, thanks to script maker
4. Autorun Manager automatically execute flexbit.lin, myfont.lin, volumetable.lin, Other_autorun.lin, apmd.lin, menu.lin. There's another option, you can choose to on/off it or add a new script.
5. Support MPT both in kalei/non kalei, credit to 3-D (MAXXIV)
6. Skins : - Ultimate black by Misterpu, credit to him
           - Vista Edition IV by Thi@go, credit to him
7. Websession data connection : Indonesia operator
8. Apmd default 208/312/416
9. Games : Tetris, Adventure island, AirHockey
10. splashscreen taken from MAXXIV MP by 3-D
11.E2Menu reordered (shortcut menu) at Voice button
12.Apps in 3 folder at office tools menu
   -Utilities  : phoneware manager, linksys, sysinfo, taskmanager, SDmanager, Skinmanager, openwith,
screenshot, photorename, Endsession
   -Programs   : AdvMenuOrganizer, Backuptools, AdvVolEditor, LinuxFTP, JavaHS, Vrreplace, Vmemory,
lightcontrol, Hidefolder2.2, pictureflow, ezxterm
   -RokrRevival: AutorunManager, APMD changer, Rokrlight
13.Didn't remember again.. ;D

Thanks to :
- keaglez, fich, montox, dj, andrei, paradox, huatz84, konspirasi, Abang, Pahlevy, koecrit,
adlysyahmi, RasahCrigis and to all people at motolovers.or.id
- Mohammed david for E2Legend (Great MP..)
- all motorola modder site..

I'm still noob, just edit & Mix all that i know based on my knowledge..
All credit goes to apps, script, skin, AiOlang, revival project, kaleidoscope, kernel maker.
Really sorry if i grab your masterpiece without permission..

Download link

Mirror, thanks to Exploited


Thanks for sharing.
I'll try your MP when I have time to test.

Currently I'm busy with my V3x.  ::)





Hey friend nice work, downloading, and testing...

Oh, I´m the author of Ultimate Black



February 06, 2009, 08:10:47 PM #7 Last Edit: February 06, 2009, 11:00:13 PM by baghost
Owh..I'm sorry, you must be a good designer/skinner
Your skin awesome, thanks to you...

Quote from: Exploited on February 06, 2009, 07:44:49 AM
Mirror: http://www.e2mod.com/content/view/296/26/

Thank you  ;D !!


can anyone give me the skin  in krakantau firmsware???thanks.....


i think it has a problem in edit skin application..i can't change my skin into 3x4 nor 4x4.
if i change it,after restart it will back into 3x3..is there anyone has the same problem with me?


February 07, 2009, 06:19:13 PM #10 Last Edit: February 07, 2009, 06:26:40 PM by m2-amd
Thanks for shar..
currently download it.. ::)


Thx for sharing, btw, are you indonesian, if yes, then it's great, we have good modder in Indonesia, at least, we got 3 fw from Indonesia, right???


@ jenson
here's the skin  >> Skin

@ card_reader_dl
that's weird, skin edit works fine on my phone except for default skin..i can change menu to 3x4 or 4x4.
i think maybe the problem is your skin..but i'm not sure

@ Polar_BearXL
yes, i am Indonesian and there're 2 fw from dj AFAIK..
Nice to see you..(lam kenal  ;D)

btw, i think i found a bug, The phone is going to frezze if you change font (by copy myfont.ttf to My_FAVOR) and disable kalei, if you face this, try to telnet (even if its freeze) and delete myfont.ttf at My_FAVOR folder, but of course your previous connection should be USBnet. Just in case if you're trying this fw.
I don't know what caused the problem, maybe some conflict in script..sorry



This Mp is terrible... Really!!


I can't translate (Add the folder of my language in usr\language, like I do in Maxx IV...)

And can't add a Text entry too...

I use char whit ´~^ etc... and this Mp not have...

How can I do this?