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MAXX E2 IV by 3-D From Belarus

Started by 3-D, January 09, 2009, 07:30:04 PM

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So unlucky of you X.... lol Actually, my SD mpkg (java is fine....) are all vanished too...but I don't think it is MAXX 4 problem as I though that my SD is corrupted somehow, it fixed anyway by using dosfsck tools... Well, but now to see you and another user got the same problem, I started to think it is MAXX 4 problem...

Quote from: ThE X on January 21, 2009, 02:10:03 PM
well, i think my memory card still works fine.... my DS still can read the file on it......its the first time this happened, but we'll see since i flashed to Supermars........and this is not the only problem..... the camera freeze too......some apps won't run and the worst, after giving up tring to run some apps, i leave the phone there.....and after like two hours+, i take the phone and the phone heat up really badly.......my battery drop to empty from two bars.........and no, i didn't OC my phone...... but well, flash at your own risk, i got myself to blame......

Well, if you phone is freezed...probably some important process that control the system is stopped. That can cause it heated as the phone has no control to the power it consumed.....or something like that.... :) I'm not good in this part.... so correct me if any of you know better.....
Best regards,
Jeffri H.



when i change the vr button in voice recognisation why it only can let the phonetalk only???it can let the phone read out the number,messages and......but when i press the vr button it present nothing???? :'(can anypne help??


why i can't change volumetable by using volummemoder????


its works fine in my e2...
as long as well, i didnt get any trouble...
waiting for the next maxx...hehe 


Joka X

try it you found that out yourself.....


I like this firmware so much, but i have a problem when i want to block the messages, cause i dont know the code to unlock .

anyone knows ?



Thanks NestorM, its done, the code is 1234

i didnt use this code before, i used others.


Do you all know what does the individual settings for funlights do?
I'm not sure from 1 to 5 what difference does it make.


i  think it was the frequency...when you choose 1 it will blink faster when choose 5 it will blink slower..correct me if i am wrong  ;)..i think the best is 3...


What about the mobile phone tools?
I don't seem to be able to synchronise with my contacts in Mobile Phone tools anymore.
You guys are able to do it?


i am not sure, but you can try to turn off kaleidoscope and connect it to mobile phone tools...