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L6 MP ,,,Motorola Mixture

Started by darwin_rodgers, July 14, 2007, 03:42:24 AM

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July 14, 2007, 03:42:24 AM Last Edit: July 14, 2007, 08:33:02 PM by darwin_rodgers
for these M you will need Winrar to Extract

For flashing use Flash&backup
(i will post the guide)

About this MP:
S/W Version: R3511_G_0A.52.26R.
Flex Version: SE5442AXXB10AB.
Language Pack: 090E (English & Polski).
Technology: 900/1800-850/1900.

Skin: Modified Mixture L6 .
DRM: Vodaphone DRM .
Font: "Bug Clean Pixel" .

The following are allready installed on the phone:

Unlimited Video Recording
Quad Band enabled
Home Keys enabled
Voice record & Voice dial enabled
Clublights/Eventlights/Ringlights with pulsing keypad + screen (nocturne).
Voice record & voice dial key on Camera button.
Camera button is Voice dial & Voice keys.
Smart key is volume up/down
Multi Line enabled
Vibe Sync enabled
Battery save enabled
Recent calls list fixed
Modified Menu
Black color scheme
My Ringtones
My Walpapers

Java Apps:

Multimedia Album

Total Memory: 11034 KB
Used Memory: 3252 KB
Free Memory: 7781 KB

Tip: To install this MP please use F&B3 or RSD Lite 2.3 & above.
In RSD Lite you may get some checksums errors at the end and the phone may
turn off, just unplug it and turn it back on and it should be done.

Like it?!?"Download it here"

Happy Modding


nice butt.... :D
oopps nice MP darwin