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Which MP gives GOOD Sound & Longest Battery Life.

Started by _am_, December 06, 2008, 06:52:49 PM

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my e398 is on RGF MP (its been a while since i have flashed my phone)...

now i want to change the MP, so can you guys please suggest which MP has Good Sound (with Bass) and Long Battery Life...

thank you very much.



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@ZduneX25, thanks for the information...  after reading a few posts in the forum, came to know that the MP is not that stable, and some missing functions like airplane mode..
my e398 details
Flex Version - Revolution Grand Finale
S/W Version - R373_G_0E.30.49R

and can someone please tell, which is the most stable MP on 49R.. sorry i dont know much about the MP's .. so please share it with me.


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try this, MbuhGakEruh Mp from Gayoe.. i've use it from a mont ago n still like it.. http://www.e398mod.com/content/view/563/30/

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