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help e680

Started by nbrida77, November 27, 2008, 06:29:46 PM

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Help I want to update the fw of my e680 to a680i with the monsterpack E680G_G_0D.C5. AEP_0D.C0. B1P_T677SR_L001_S006_P012_GSOE680GT677SR009 and when it(he,she) finishes it(he,she) stays as alone dead man the red screen of small stone goes out mobile the thing is that with the monsterpack that if it works is the E680I_G_0D.C5. A4P_0D.B0. B1P_T674KV_L001_S015_P004_GSOE680IT674KV006 wanted to know for that it happens this it is necessary to update the bootloader the ezx ap bootloader has version 3.0 el cel esta en mexico