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Casseopeya© - new monsterpack

Started by VirtualWaver, November 25, 2008, 06:19:42 PM

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does the soft key lock work?

i need it as i screwed up the switch when dismantling it....


Well i wanna post a bug, in the MMS, it's a little one, but this guy found it was really important :(
He say that every time he sends a MMS the message disappeir, it doesn't keep in the cellphone in the box where it should be, happens for both sending and receiving
When he wants to check the messages it's like he never receive the MMS


I was just thinking to finally flash this FW, but I saw the note for upcoming update :) I hope to enjoy a new year with a new FW soon :)


I flashed this mp... The speed and stability is great. Only few things to mention:
1. Having one skin is ok, but it should be better than the current one :)
2. Shutdown animation is too slow.
3. FM radio cannot be played without headset... I miss that :)

All the rest is great... No complaints so far!


I can't search in the contact list. I mean, if I push a key with the contact list displayed, it starts to find a number instead of a name...
anw, it's a great FW...


Really great fw, still waiting for new mp without any bug....

sending A+ in Armenia    :)


can anybody taught me to place the chinese sound file to the phone?because when i press the voice recognitation button it  say no file in the folder??please help....thanks..


can someone send me the font from
\\\system\ezx_user\SYSTEM FILES\font  please i tried to change the font, but.... the phone don't wanna start,  and i don't wanna flash waa


I installed the FW

But i have a problem, i cant install skins Magic Glass i installed them,
i' ve put the Magic Glass.chm into ezx user\download\appwrite\setu\theme
and the path of Magic Glass i've put on system\mmc\mmca1\themes\magic glass
but when i try to set it in the phone, the themes dont appear and still the default.

and i've try the same thing with Dark 3 reload skin, and it work's

in other ways i've try installed iphone skin
i' ve put the iPhone.chm into ezx user\download\appwrite\setup\theme
and the path of iPhone i've put on system\mmc\mmca1\themes\magic glass then didnt work
but when i try to put this on ezx local\download\appwrite\skin its works fine....

Any suggestion about this? because in F/w Katze 3 Aztek enginering they works finely..