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Author Topic: Casseopeya© - new monsterpack  (Read 59169 times)
« on: November 25, 2008, 09:19:42 am »


Hello everyone!

After very long time at last I present you my first monster pack.  Announcement of this monster must been 4 months ago, but because of my occupation, it doesn’t. The monster pack was created “from zero” – from the beginning and its mission was to provide maximal stability, speed and all the innovations up to date. I think I successfully make it! The turn is yours to judge.
Thus, here are the main points of Casseopeya©:

1.Type of monster pack: hybrid (45P +48P).
2.The speed and stability is in very high level: sometimes RAM reaches 11,5mb (see screenshot), stability is on the top: no bugs and lags were discovered, the open speed of File Manager, mp3 and video files is very fast – almost instantly. Many applications are “flying” (in Kaleidoscope© mode the speed is slower).
3.Fundamentally new way to mount your files: henceforth ezx_volumetable, ezx_flexbit, in-build font, libezxaddrbkeng libraries (for Russian users – it makes possible to find names in Contacts by russian symbols), all the contents of iTAP folder (input for different languages), ringtones, pictures, poweron, poweroff, system sounds, “string” folder (makes possible to input the text in the language you want) and voice button can freely be removed and/or modified with your configuration – without any mount scripts. In other words, they are out of read-only zone. There is a folder called SYSTEM FILES in ezx_user folder, in which all described above files and folders are located, which you can freely modify (only with the same names that is original ones):
addressbook folder – there is libezxaddrbkeng libraries. By default, the search in Contacts is only in English words, but if you want to make it also on Russian, just copy and replace all the files from addressbook/rus to addressbook folder and everything will work fine.
- flexbit folder – here is ezx_flexbit.cfg. Here is also a file called ezx_flexbit HSA Enabled.cfg. If you rename it to ezx_flexbit.cfg, the HSA Menu will appear. Be careful – always have your backup of ezx_flexbit.cfg, otherwise many points will be unavailable (for example, installation of mpkg programs).
- font folder – here is the default font. Name of font is AMCSL.TTF. You can freely take any font you like and rename it to AMCSL.TTF and replace with existing one. You font will change as soon as you will restart your phone. The default font doesn’t support Chinese language – only English and Russian.
- iTap folder – here is dictionaries and km files for Russian, English and Chinese languages. If you want to modify the input or remove the language, you can freely modify all the files (for Russian – , and LxS_iTAP_Dict_Russian.bin , for English - and LxS_iTAP_Dict_AmericanEnglish.bin, for Chinese - and LxS_iTAP_Dict_Chinese_Simplified_GB2312.bin)
picture folder – there is default wallpaper on it, which is called ROKR.png. You can delete it or replace with your wallpaper – just rename any picture to ROKR.png and place it there. If you don’t want any wallpaper in your phones memory – just delete ROKR.png.
- poweroff folder – similarly picture folder. Rename and *.gif file to splash_powerdown_ani_full.gif and place there, or delete existing one, if you don’t want to have splash animation in your phones memory.
- poweron folder – the same. The name of the file is splash_powerup_ani_full.gif.
- ringtones folder – here is the default ringtones. Name of files: Message.mp3, Ring.mp3 and Silence.mp3. Similarly – don’t want them – delete them, want to place yours – just rename them as the same name - Message.mp3, Ring.mp3 and Silence.mp3 and place there.
- sounds folder – system sounds. Similarly – delete and/or modify/replace yours keeping the original names.
- string folder – the input of phone by language. Folders inside of it: en-us (English), ru (Russian) and zh-cn (Chinese). If you, for example, want to delete Chinese language from the phone, just delete the zn-cn folder and and LxS_iTAP_Dict_Chinese_Simplified_GB2312.bin from iTap folder.
- volumetable folder – here is ezx_volumetable.cfg. Similarly – you can modify/replace the file the way you like.
- vui folder – here is voice button file, which is called vr. There is also many files-presets. The name of each file describing the command that file do. For example, vr Calculator file opens Calculator when voice button is pressed. If you want it, just rename vr Calculator to vr and everything will work fine.
4. The monster is fully compatible with HSA Menu – all the necessary files are included in system iconres (by the way, in Kaleidoscope©  you can change the wallpaper in HSA mode).
5. Now the phone is searching media files only on memory card.
6. Many useful links to memory card are available in File Manager.
7. File Manager now has a System folder, which is similar to LinkSys, but in difference with Linksys, the media searching process will never slow down. Also you can’t read or modify files from System folder, because it is only read-only.
8. The monster supports all the show modules (including the latest ones), binaries, patches and system files that are known for now.  Also BusyBox 1.8.3 and Bash available.
9. The phone, along with Telnet and Samba, supports access via FTP - http://
10. The default size of Java Heap is 4096kb (you can easily manage it in real-time mode by the program – see below).
11. APMD – 312/520/520.
12. If you want to switch into Kaleidoscope©mode, there is Kaleidoscope.txt in ezxlocal folder – just rename it to autorun.txt and all the features of Kaleidoscope©will appear. Don’t forget, that in Kaleidoscope© mode the phone is slower than in normal mode.
13. When in Kaleidoscope© mode, there is no allocation when writing sms.
14. Video resolution - 177x144 and 240x320 with high bitrate, there is no lugs when recording video (especially in airplane mode). The photocamera improved as well – by default, there is no compression – each photo is more than 1mb.
15. The most advanced and fast kernel by ilove3d (version 2), which gives:
   - multi key press
   - 4gb SD card suppot
   - ext2, ext3 and loop support
           - it doesn’t change mediakey function
           - squash less

16. ezx_flexbit is changed, which gives:
   - “On Always” in Bluetooth connections
   - the phone works without sim card
   - no stupid  warnings in in-build opera anymore
   - Dialing Prefix and Barred Services available
17. MPKG applications installed in memory card without problems.
18. There is some kind “multitasking” in phone – by default, the voice button brings the main menu. This “multitasking” is necessary for example, in RockBox when there is a call. Also, in Kaleidoscope mode you can forget of internet connection breaking. You can be on-line and play games or listen to music – the connection will never lose. Just try to open, for example, mini opera, then bush the voice button, then, in main menu, press the multimedia button (Kaleidoscope mode) and hide the opera process. The connection will never break!
19.You can open the following extensions from File Manager – simply by clicking on them:
Archives and other files:  mtf tar gz ins rar zip lin sh gzip 7z tar.gz tgz bz2 tar.bz2 tar.gz
Text and other files:  txt ini c cfg phm chm java log conf types net lst desktop
Video Files: avi divx asf wmv mpeg mpg mpe vob m1v m2v flv m4v ogm mkv mka mov qt ogg dat bin iso mpc vro (via build-in E2MPlayer).
20. Autorun and First support.
21. Synchronization with Motorola Phone Tools .
22. Skin installation directly from the phone: the skin must have name or, where xxx is the random name. For example  Also archive must contain 2 folders: first one is setuptheme with current *.chm inside of it and skin folder, which must contain the folder with skin name (in accord with *.chm file) and all skin files inside of it.
23. In-build player works without lugs and skipping when playing mp3 and video.
25. The reset works fine and without problems.
26. All alarm clocks work well, without any surprises, even if there are 5 alarms. All sms works as well. Alarm clocks works by alert style.
27. This firmware is international one: languages - Russian, English and Chinese (you can remove the ones you don’t like as I described above)
28. Many of system sounds are disabling, like voice recorder sound, low battery alarm and so on.
29. The whole volume of the phone is increased (mp3 playback, radio, voice of interlocutor etc).
30. All the unnecessary files from File Manager are removed and the other ones are optimized.
31. Default font – from E2_KZ firmware – very clear and beautiful font (it is not support Chinese symbols – you need to replace it with another one, which is support it)
32. All web sessions are removed – only one is available – for current connection.
33. After Memory Card mode the programs on memory card doesn’t vanish (please, check it – it can be only on my phone!)
34. The whole optimization of system is made – default storage place is memory card, brightness of screen – 1, keypad and backlight timeout – 5 sec and so on.
35. EXT3 Partition is available in File Manager.
36.Build-in programs:

Located in Programs folder:

- PhoneManager – the same PhoneWareManager, new version.
- Calls Firewall – analogue of "Black and White". This program is created by our chinese friends. You can use Silence.mp3 as a ringtone in black mode.
- System Status from ilove3d – system information
- Setup timeout from ilove3d – setup timeout
- HeapManager – you can change the heap size of java in real-time mode by this program. The default heap is 4096kb.
- Audio Switcher – this helps you to get rid of emud process and plug any speakers/headphones to phone in standard player and radio.
- Block the thief – analogue of 'SMS Alarm'.
- Cameraedit by T3D – for changing the video and photo camera resolution
- E2Setting – the same as Super Rabbit –this program allows you to change  many settings of skin (it doesn’t works with stock skin, because the last one is located in usr folder, which is read-only)
- HideFolder – you can easily hide files on memory card
- OpenWith – anyone knows it! Smiley.
- Smartlight – you can change the brightness of the phone simply by clicking on this program
- RokrLight – the best flashlight I ever seen
- Snapshot – create screenshots of the screen of the phone by this program
- E2Mplayer – super video player. The fastest video player I ever seen. If you want to quit the player – just press play button on the phone.
- Vmemory – for creating VirtualMemory. Swap file mounted every time you restart the phone. If you don’t want to automount the swap, just check the autorun.txt and Kaleidoscope.txt – there is a solution how to disable it. This program is for those people, who wants to have swap but don’t want to split memory card by partitions.
- MediaRenamer – the same as Fotoren – this program can easily rename all you media (photo, video, pictures) by the date they have captured.
- EFEM – engineering menu
- SplitSD – this program allows you to split you memory card by mmca1, swap and ext3 partitions.
- SwapControl – this program allows you to mount your swap (if your memory card is already splitted by SplitSD). Just split memory card with SplitSD, then restart the phone, then, if phone asks you to do so, format the memory card, then go to SwapControl, click on Disable/Enable Swap, enable the swap and then click to “Refresh” and swap will be maunted. There is autorun script as well. If you don’t want to automount swap every time, just check the autorun.txt and Kaleidoscope.txt for solution.

Located in Media folder:
- RockBox – audio player

Located in Games folder:
- GameBoy – GBA emulator from Lasly. In archive with this firmware I include E2Mux folder to make work the GBA. Just copy E2Mux folder into your memory card and enjoy – everything is already configured.

Located in Internet folder:
- ICQ – mobile ICQ (this program is on the Russian)
- Opera Mini – the latest Opera Mini for our ROKR E2

All this programs, except System Status and Setup Timeout,can be freely removed from the phone by PhoneManager.

There is also many-many other things in firmware – i just can’t remember all of them!

My thanks to Motofan, Motohell and IT168 forums - together we can do anything!

Special thanks to: MotorE1 ? wink from Motofan!.

Waiting for you comments!


Morrow (VirtualWaver) – Motofan, Motohell,

Depositfiles1 -
Depositfiles2 - - -
iFolder -

My original topic is located on Motofan (other screenshots as well) -

« Last Edit: December 09, 2008, 12:48:34 am by Exploited » Logged
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2008, 11:54:45 am »

This is different. Thank you for this. I'll try this.
« Reply #2 on: November 25, 2008, 12:43:23 pm »

Thanks a lot!!!
Indonesian Motolover
PHD modder

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« Reply #3 on: November 25, 2008, 03:35:37 pm »

will give it a try... Smiley

Best regards,
Jeffri H.

« Reply #4 on: November 25, 2008, 05:41:37 pm »

Thanks!!! I'll try it! Does it have the "message bug" or not?
« Last Edit: November 25, 2008, 05:58:59 pm by ebrainte » Logged
« Reply #5 on: November 26, 2008, 01:51:22 am »

No, it doesn't have that message bug! By the way - that bug depends on skin(!) - yes, i have try many skins with the same firmware - some of them have that bug, some of them - no....
« Reply #6 on: November 26, 2008, 05:58:18 am »

Looks like you know what you are doing. Good job.
« Reply #7 on: November 26, 2008, 09:37:30 am »

New monsterpacks from Russia again..Gotta give it a try.++ for you,Morrow.
Keep sharing so E2 modding will keep alive.
« Reply #8 on: November 26, 2008, 12:19:42 pm »

this in Spanish too?
« Reply #9 on: November 26, 2008, 02:00:44 pm »

this in Spanish too?

By default - no, but you can easaly add spanish language without flashing! - just read the instruction about string folder and iTAP folder - you just need to add spanish language files (*.km and dictionary) in and spanish strings to that folders and everything will be works fine!! If you post here that spanish files i will write an instruction how to activate it!
« Reply #10 on: November 26, 2008, 02:03:32 pm »

New monsterpacks from Russia again..Gotta give it a try.++ for you,Morrow.
Keep sharing so E2 modding will keep alive.

Thanks a lot! : ) But, actually I'am from Armenia, not from Russia! : )) And I'am a mamber both of Motofan, Motohell and IT168 forums!! Smiley
« Reply #11 on: November 26, 2008, 03:26:23 pm »

HI, i think i found (well we) have found a bug, i can't do a general erase, i don't know why
Could you explain what do we need to do it
« Reply #12 on: November 26, 2008, 05:44:34 pm »

I have flashed it into my E2.Well,I think this would be the best firmware I've tested.No bug I found so far.Menu went smoothly.The easy personalisation to the system is kinda new in E2 modding.Good job from Armenia...Smiley
Two thumbs up for you..
Joka X
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« Reply #13 on: November 26, 2008, 06:57:27 pm »

superb.......great job Morrow...... Smiley
« Reply #14 on: November 26, 2008, 10:32:21 pm »

Thanks for new MP, karma added. not try it yet.
If I want to add chinese lang where can i find those files ( and LxS_iTAP_Dict_Chinese_Simplified_GB2312.bin) ?
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