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[FLASH Z6] LinuxMod SP2 "Rebirth Edition"

Started by c_ro87, April 08, 2009, 06:32:36 PM

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April 08, 2009, 06:32:36 PM Last Edit: April 08, 2009, 06:35:00 PM by c_ro87
Ok... here i come with the last Z6 flash, made by me..

his name LinuxMod SP2 "Rebirth Edition"

It is made using as base the Linuxmod SP1 RC3 frm CepiPerez

Changes respect RC3:
Bugs Arreglados:Bugs fixed:
*Camera config now is saved
*Iconrex fixed
*Data mode fixed
*New PictureFlow script with graphic gui
*tweaks menu now calls LinuxMod
*SOme icons will added, and some will changed
*Some scripts was rewrited
*New images
*Norris pack compatible

Let's se some apps and useful script's in the mod

*Crack mounty by dimichxp, you can mount files in system folder
*FTP by Abram
*Web snapshot de syppey
*PictureFlow by c_ro87
*Z6Manager by CepiPerez manage a lots of features, just like BT time, alarm time, install and uninstall mpkg, manage znothief, etc
*zBackUp by racinglocura07
*am_mod by BeZ, icons in submenues
*cpufrequency by sEVANs
*zNothief by segnini75

Scripts, made by kleto, roks, tsbdlc, CepiPerez, racinglocura07 y c_ro87
*Refresh: refresh system process
*Web Link Sidebar:change orange bar links
*Font: change the font
*Bootlogo: change the bootloga
*Screen Boot: boot and screensaver simulator
*Camera mod: video resolution change to 240*320, 352*288
*Slider tone edit: change the slider tones
*SoftBox: Apps for working wth java, add apps to the menu, etc
*Cron: for program works
*JavaId: java name changer
*Java settings: java heap changer
*Java multitask: two java running at the same time
*Hide: hide folders
*Shortcuts: change the key shortcuts
*Compresed: compress files in tar, gz, tgz

Compatibility with the next file types
mpkg,txt,cfg,ini,phm,qkt,lp,mpkg,squashfs,cramfs,mtf,lin,sh,csh,chm,zip,rar,tar,gzip,gz,bz2,ttf,TTF, entre otros

*Autorun in /ezxlocal/download/mystuff/.autorun.csh
*Abcisa font
*Slider tones, Blood, ShotGun y Afirmative/Negative

Know's bugs:
*If you change the font, the alarm don't will work
*If you active the Telnet & FTP option in z6manager the scripts come slow






How to install:
*Flash over a .44r
*format the SD
*make a data clean

P/D: I hope you like this



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this is a f** nice MP everyone should try it.. good job c_ro87